Brunch at Sunway Cafe Restaurant with Will

Sunway Cafe Restaurant
3907 Prince Street Flushing, NY 11354

It's not often that Will and I go out for breakfast/brunch. There was a Saturday where we needed to run errands in Queens, but before we did we decided to have brunch at Sunway, since we knew they had dim sum 24 hours/7 days a week freshly made and we've only been there for dinner mostly.

The servers will give you a small paper with the name of the dim sum/snacks they have and a pencil for you to check the quantity and what you want as well as the regular menu that has drinks, entrees, appetizers, side dishes, and etc.

We've never had an actual Chinese brunch/dim sm together, so this was kind of nice, fun, and different. We both enjoyed it very much.

Hong Kong Style Tea & Coffee
We both ordered the Hong Kong style tea & coffee because we both love this drink and it's a pleasant drink to have with dim sum and brunch. 

Scallion Pancakes
This is the second time I've seen scallion pancake as a dim sum item. The scallion pancakes had a nice crunch to it and was on point. 

Steamed Beef Rice Noodle Roll
This is one of my favorite dim sum dishes since forever, but the ones from here didn't taste as good as the one I always have at my go to bakery for dim sum in Brooklyn. It didn't taste as appealing.

Chicken Feet & Beef Tripe
I absolutely love eating chicken feet during dim sum. The chicken feet from here aren't as tasty as the ones I have at the same bakery I mentioned before. The beef tripe was really tender and cooked just right!

Rice noodle with fried dough
I don't see this quite often at the places I usually get dim sum or have dim sum with my family. I really like the rice noodle with fried dough. It was soft and than crunchy and goes perfectly with the hoisin sauce that was given, but I wished they gave peanut sauce too.

Pan-fried Soy Sauce noodles
The final dish we had was the pan-fried soy sauce noodles.  The noodles were extremely delicious and possibly the best pan-fried soy sauce noodles I've had so far. The noodles had a slight crunch to it and made us super full!

Will and I have literally been coming here a lot because the food is just so damn good! We've been here around 5-7 times this year, but maybe we should also consider exploring different restaurants in Flushing and other parts of Queens too.

I highly recommend you coming to Sunway Cafe if you like Hong Kong style food or just craving for delicious Hong Kong style cuisine. This restaurant makes a great spot to come for late night munchies since it is opened until 4AM on most nights.


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