The Good and The Bad at Cutting Board - Flushing

Cutting Board
37-20 Prince Street Flushing, NY 11354

If you've read my review about Cutting Board in Chinatown, than you would understand why Will and I didn't enjoy our experience there.

We know that there's a Cutting Board in Flushing and I was a little curious to try this location and hoped the food would be a lot better than in Chinatown, but nothing good came of our experience.

The location is a lot bigger and roomier compared to the one in Chinatown. The decor is simple yet uniquely designed and cute. The menu is pretty much the same as the one in Chinatown and the pricing is just about the same too.

CB Mussels
I've recently bee n on a mussels kick so we decided to order the CB Mussels (sake, cream, saffron, and bread stick) to give it a shot. The CB mussels felt cold and didn't have much flavor to it and I was really hoping to taste the saffron, but no. Unfortunately there were two mussels I bit into that had sand on it.

Brisket with Spaghetti and vegetables
I was really excited about this dish because it sounded really hearty, amazing, and well I love brisket! The dish looked fantastic and when it arrived, it smelled just like brisket heaven. It wasn't brisket heaven, because the brisket felt very tough and chewy. It felt as though it would take me forever to just chew, eat, and digest one piece. The sauce had no flavor or seasoning in it. It was very disappointing.

Pasta primavera with market veggies
Will ordered the pasta primavera with market veggies, mushrooms, and cheese. His dish looked absolutely divine! However it didn't taste like it. This was completely full-on cream, like literally you couldn't even taste the pasta or veggies. I had one scoop of the pasta and knew that this was an absolute no-go cause it was overly creamy.

We were quite disappointed after dinner. I wished and suggest that the chefs or staff taste and cook as they go, because if they don't - how are they suppose to know what their food taste like? I think this would make them better chefs and better restaurant if they could taste what they were putting out on the tables. 

I doubt we will be back here especially since the food wasn't appealing at all and many disappointments.


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