Revisiting An Old Favorite of Mine - Thai Son

Thai Son
89 Baxter Street New York, NY 10013

I've been coming to this Vietnamese restaurant since I was seventeen years old and there hasn't been a time where I went and was disappointed, because I was't. My second sister introduced me to Thai Son and I always enjoyed their food and service.

Will and I haven't been coming here as often because for the past three or four years we've been exploring different restaurants and foods instead. Will and I just recently started returning to Thai Son for lunch and/or dinner and it felt good to know that the service and food is still top notch.

The staff has changed quite a bit, but the service they provide is still good and efficient. Their menus haven't change, but there is an additional menu for fruit and veggie smoothies that they make in-house.

On our most recent visit at Thai Son, we had the following:

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese spring rolls are like a must-have whenever we eat Vietnamese food. I love Thai Son's spring rolls because they are always consistent and have a really beautiful, crisp crunch to it. They are always fried to perfection and always delicious!

Pho Xe Lua
If you haven't figured it out already, Will almost always orders Pho Xe Lua whenever we have Vietnamese food even if we are doing take-out. Whether it's hot or cold, most of the time he orders it. He really enjoyed the Pho Xe Lua. The broth smelled amazing and everything looked so good!

Beef Cubes over Rice with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes
This is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. The beef cubes were very tender and moist. This dish was mediocre because it felt a little dry and there was definitely not enough sauce. If there was more sauce, I would have enjoyed this dish more.

Will and I have been to many Vietnamese restaurants, but Thai Son will always remain as one of my favorite ones. The food is still as good as ever minus the dryness of my dish, but  I am happy and satisfied with it.


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