Revisiting Cutting Board

Cutting Board
53 Bayard Street New York, NY 10013

It's been almost two years since Will and I ate at Cutting Board and I really missed the food from here, so we decided to revisit Cutting Board a few weeks ago for dinner.Unfortunately, we ended up regretting we came.

The service isn't so bad, but the quality of the food has really sunk which is a total bummer because I really liked the food here.

Lobster Bisque
We always seem to order the lobster bisque whenever we are here and it's still rich, creamy, and full of lobster goodness. It was seasoned just right!

Fried Calamari
We've also had their fried calamari before too. However, this time it was mediocre. This time when we tried the fried calamari, it wasn't as crispy and lacked seasoning. It felt so boring and bland.

Grilled Salmon Omelette Rice
Will ordered the Grilled Salmon Omelette Rice and it looked really appealing. This was another disappointment because even though the salmon was cooked just right, there was absolutely no taste, seasoning, or flavors. All you can taste is the charred-ness from the salmon and miso ketchup.

Seafood with Linguine
I don't quite remember if this is the correct name for this dish, but either way it wasn't satisfying at all.There wasn't much flavor or seasoning to this dish. Another bland dish.

I think the chefs don't taste as they go when making the dishes. Most of the dishes we ordered felt so tasteless and we definitely didn't enjoy our experience here. After this experience, we probably won't be back for a long time or at all.

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