Beating The Heat With These Treats

Holy Cow! It's been really sizzling hot in The Big Apple. Hope you are doing your best staying hydrated and cool.

Honestly, Will and I don't do too well in this hot weather because of our sensitive skin, we tend to get red easily from the heat, and it makes us angry. So, how do we relax or remain stable in this scorching weather? We try not to eat soups, stews, noodle soups, or anything raging hot because it would just make it all worse.

Below is a list of treats and foods that we like to eat or try to eat to beat this heat:

I think it's pretty clear to you that I absolutely love ramen, but how can anyone eat a hot bowl of ramen in this heat unless you are in an air conditioned restaurant? Any way, I do enjoy eating cold ramen and cold noodles and I am so happy it's become an option in most Japanese restaurants

I must admit it's a lot different from hot ramen, but it's really pleasant to eat and the only exceptions are that it's not hot and there aren't toppings in your plate of noodles already because the toppings become a small side dish and you dip the toppings in the cold broth and noodles.

Another food I can never get too tired of: salads! I've been eating salads for the past 3-4 years and I eat salad for lunch about 2-3 times a week especially during work. I like salads because you can eat it all year round, but also because it's meant to eat as a cold or chilled food and it won't make you sweat bullets. I also like that you can pretty much add anything to it and still be happy and full.

Another food I like to eat all year round, but mostly during the warm weather is: sushi! I didn't always enjoy sushi until the last few years. I've been on a bit of a sushi binge lately and would have it for lunch at home or at work at least once or twice a week. Another food that's meant to be eaten room temperature or chilled!

Grass Jelly with Soy Milk
During the summer I enjoy drinking a lot of tea, iced coffee, and almost anything that will keep me cool except for soda. One drink that I always enjoy drinking in the summer is grass jelly with soy milk. Some people say that's a weird combination, but I think it goes well together. Sometimes I taste a hint of coconut in the soy milk (depends on where you get the drink from).

Ice Cream & Gelato
I must admit that ice cream and gelato are one my weaknesses especially in the summer. I absolutely love ice cream and gelato and amazed with the kinds of flavors there are available. The best ice cream and gelato flavors I have had are: pumpkin, earl grey, cucumber mint, corn, apple crisp, and peanut butter! Ice cream and gelato sure makes me a lot happier during the summer. 

Another weakness of mine is dessert! I enjoy eating dessert all year round, but I especially like eating it in the summer because it keeps me cool. I'm not a huge fan of pastries or cake for dessert. I like having dessert with fresh fruits, grass jelly, and maybe coconut or tofu as a base. It's so refreshing!

I hope you found this post inspiring and while summer is here, how about giving some of these foods or treats a shot if you haven't already?


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