A Little More Than Just Mussels

Mussels & More
8001 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209

I've never really visited any seafood restaurants in New York City because I feel that the seafood isn't as fresh, possibly overpriced, and not tasty - but I was wrong and it all changed when I visited Mussels & More.

Mussels & More is definitely a hidden gem in Bay Ridge. Will and I had dinner here a few weeks ago with our friends and we really enjoyed our time here.

The front of the restaurant is where the large bar is and in the back is where the dining room is. I like that Mussels & More is spacious, comfortable, and dim-lit. The staff here is on point. The food was
delectable and the portion sizes are huge!

Baked Clams (Breaded)
The pictures of this appetizer on Yelp looked amazing and I am quite a fan of clams so I knew instantly we had to order this. The waiter recommended that I get it with breading so I took his recommendation. The baked clams were sensational and on point! 

Grilled Octopus
The grilled octopus looked amazing! I was afraid the texture would be like hard rubber, but thankfully it wasn't. It was tasty especially with a little lemon juice and butter.

Our friends ordered the saganaki. We've never had this before so it was a new experience for us. Saganaki is a Greek dish and traditional kefalograviera cheese is pan-fried and served over a slice of tomatoes. This was definitely a different and new dish to try. I never had cheese pan-fried before. It was really moist, savory, and tasty.

Shrimp Scampi served over Linguine 
Our friend ordered and shared this with us. There was definitely A LOT of garlic and I do mean A LOT. The shrimps were really tender and plump. Overall, it was a tasty dish!

Lobster ravioli
Will ordered the lobster ravioli because he is crazy about ravioli. I tried it and really liked it. It was really moist, delicious, and possibly one of the best lobster raviolis I've had so far. I liked the sauce very much, had a touch of sweetness from the juices of the lobster meat.

Angel hair seafood pasta with white wine sauce
This was truly a seafood medley and a serious hefty dish! There was a variety of seafood - shrimp, scallop, clams, mussels, and calamari. The white wine sauce exquisite and all of the seafood were really tender and delicious!

Fungi Mussels
Our friends ordered the fungi mussels ( wild mushrooms, double-smoked bacon, garlic, and cream). These mussels were spot on delicious! I just wished I could have tasted more of the mushroom-ness and less of bacon flavor.

Maine Mussels
Will and I ordered the Maine mussels (lobster, smoked bacon, chowder, and parsley). I was really happy to see how much mussels they gave us. The Maine mussels were on point, moist, and just really yummy!

I really enjoyed our experience and the food here. Everything was top notch! I am planning to return here again since in my opinion summer time is the BEST time to enjoy seafood. 

*Note: We learned that even in a group as small as four people, you don't need to order three entrees because they are enormous.*


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