All Those Carbs at Jin Jin Hong Kong Cafe

Jin Jin Hong Kong Cafe
6224 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204

I have been utterly busy with school and work. I've also been sick and fighting a viral infection last week with a nasty cough. It's been awesome! I finally have a little down time to blog so here's a long overdue review I've been meaning to post.

Will and I have been to Jin Jin Hong Kong Cafe quite a few times. It's similar to a diner, but an Asian version. The interior, decor, and even down to the tables and seats has a diner vibe to it. They serve Hong Kong style cuisine, beverages, and also serve sushi and a few Japanese dishes.

Will, our friend Jimmy, and I came to Jin Jin for dinner one evening since he's never been here and we were hungry after a networking event.

Complimentary soup
Most of the time when you come to Jin Jing for lunch, dinner, or order take-out they usually have a complimentary soup which is pretty decent.

Scallion pancake
We ordered an appetizer - scallion pancake to share. It was a bit small for three people especially since Will and Jimmy eat like a lot. I wished it was a lot more crispier and crunchier.

Baked Portuguese Salmon Rice
Since Jimmy was on a meatless diet at the time we went to Jin Jin, he ordered a Baked Portuguese Salmon over rice. This is actually one of my favorite dishes to order here because not many Chinese or Hong Kong style restaurants make a Baked Portuguese Salmon or those that do, haven't done as a good of a job as Jin Jin does.

Baked Portuguese Seafood over Spaghetti
I ordered the Baked Portuguese Seafood over Spaghetti. This is absolutely seafood galore because there's shrimp, crab meat, mussels, squid, and scallops. It's a pretty heavy, but delicious dish!

Baked Portuguese Steak over Rice
Will ordered the Baked Portuguese Steak over Rice. As you can see it's very much so similar to mine and Jimmy's dish too.

So the mistake we made was that all three dishes were Baked Portuguese and all were carb-loading! We were all tremendously full afterwards and some of us couldn't even finish our meals. There's a lot and I do mean a lot of cheese and carbs.

I actually do enjoy the food from Jin Jin because it's quick, inexpensive, and tasty. It's not the best Hong Kong style food, but it's a good place to come for a quick and yummy fix. Next time, I think we will be mindful about what we order and not turn it into a carb-fest. 


  1. Yay, carbs! ;) I do love cheese and carbs sometimes, but both of those baked dishes together look intense. Too bad that scallion pancake wasn't very crispy.

    1. Carbs and cheese really go hand in hand!


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