Recipe: Yau Gok (Fried Sweet Dumplings)

Hi! I would like to take an opportunity to apologize with the lack of blogging on Ambitious Eats. It's not that I don't have content for the blog because I have plenty. Life behind this screen has been utterly busy with school, work, getting back into the gym, and a lot more. 

As promised, I would like to include a step-by-step guide on how to make Yau Gok (fried sweet dumplings). If you read my last post I mentioned my mom, sister and I made yau gok for Lunar New Year, so here is the recipe -

Yau Gok

wonton skins

For the filling: sesame seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, roasted and crushed peanuts, white sugar

dumpling mold shaper

1. Combine all ingredients together and mix over the wok on low heat.

2. Make sure you set all your mise en place together so everything is in it's place and organized.

3. Place the wonton skin on the dumpling mold and wet the edges of the wonton skin. Add a small portion of the filling inside the wonton skin. Close the mold together and rip the excess wonton skin that is sticking out. Open the mold back and you have a beautiful yau gok!

4. When you have a lot of the yau goks together, you can start the frying process.

5. Heat up the oil and stick a chopstick inside the oil until see little bubbles forming. Fry the yau gok a few at a time on medium heat. This will take about 8-10 minutes.

6. Once they are bright and golden, remove from the wok.

7. Place all the yau goks on a tray/plate lined with paper towel so it soaks up the oil. Let the yau goks cool before consuming and serving.

8. Enjoy the crunchy, crispy, and sweetness in this little bundle of joy!

Hope you found this recipe helpful! 


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