Cafe Luluc

Cafe Luluc
214 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Lately I've found myself deeply interested in trying different restaurants in Cobble Hill, specifically along Smith Street. If you've ever walked or drove along Cobble Hill, you'll notice a lot of restaurants and retail.

One of the restaurants that Will and I visited last month was Cafe Luluc right after I completed my last final. We visited Cafe Luluc on a Saturday morning and it was packed, but the wait was only 5-10 minutes. The decor/ambiance kind of reminds me of Clinton St. & Baking Co because it's not a very big restaurant and the decor is very rustic. It's utterly busy too.

So we ordered the following:
Mimosa & Coffee
I had the mimosa. I wanted a little bubbly to celebrate the fact that I've completed yet another semester and all my finals. Will stuck with just plain black coffee.

Mixed Berry Pancakes with Scrambled Eggs & Sausages
I heard the pancakes here is one of the popular menu items, so Will decided to order them. He got very full to the point he didn't want them anymore. Now, I am not much of a pancake or waffle person, but I've got to say these pancakes were amazing! These were possibly one of the best pancakes I've had so far. They are fluffy in the center with a slight crunch and crust around the sides.

Eggs Benedict
I had the Eggs Benedict with ham on an English muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce. It was accompanied with French fries and field green salad. This was a plate of absolute deliciousness! The eggs Benedict were pumped and poached perfectly. 

Runny Yolk
The runny yolk was very sexy, and everything was just perfect. I really liked the French fries because not only were they fried to perfection, but they were crunchy and crisp. I really enjoyed the field green salad - it balances out the colors and the food. It's a nice rustic and simple touch to the dish. I wish I knew what kind of vinaigrette or dressing that used in the salad because it tasted great!

I really enjoyed the service at Cafe Luluc. The simple and rustic dishes really stand out and are truly savory and fantastic! The prices here are inexpensive. I truly and highly recommend that you should give this gem a chance because the food is really good and you won't regret it.


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