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Cafe Luluc

Cafe Luluc
214 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Lately I've found myself deeply interested in trying different restaurants in Cobble Hill, specifically along Smith Street. If you've ever walked or drove along Cobble Hill, you'll notice a lot of restaurants and retail.

One of the restaurants that Will and I visited last month was Cafe Luluc right after I completed my last final. We visited Cafe Luluc on a Saturday morning and it was packed, but the wait was only 5-10 minutes. The decor/ambiance kind of reminds me of Clinton St. & Baking Co because it's not a very big restaurant and the decor is very rustic. It's utterly busy too.

So we ordered the following:
I had the mimosa. I wanted a little bubbly to celebrate the fact that I've completed yet another semester and all my finals. Will stuck with just plain black coffee.

I heard the pancakes here is one of the popular menu items, so Will decided to order them. He got very full to the point he did…

The Best Winter Eats - Perfect to Beat The Winter Blues

It's been freezing. It's been cold.

Winter's chilly months are the perfect time for warm, hearty, and comforting foods, wouldn't' you agree? We've compiled a list together of  our favorite winter eats and that you can warm up with. Hope you find this helpful and enjoy!

1. I don't think there is any substitute for how amazing it feels after drinking a nice, hot, and hearty bowl of soup. I've been drinking a lot of soups lately especially since Will's mother makes it for us 2-4 times a week and my mom makes a lot of soups too. I prefer Asian style soups more so than American/Western soups because there's a lot of cream and dairy in it.

2. Now this American and classical comfort food is good for any dreary, cloudy, and cold day. I had a phase in my life where I really loved macaroni and cheese, I mean how can anyone say no to macaroni and cheese. I like macaroni and cheese because it's versatile and you can really add anything and it would stil…

Weekday Lunch at Don Nico's

Don Nico's
9-43 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201

I can't believe I haven't written a review on the blog about this cute, little Mexican spot I like to go to nearby my office. Don Nico's is a cute and random foodstand because it's surrounded by many retail shops and it just pops out.

A colleague that I work very close with has been to Don Nico's a few times and have recommended it to me. He recommended me to try the Chicken Torta but I was hesitant for a bit.

During the times I went I've always got their tacos which costs under $7.00. However, last year I decided to try out something new instead that's worthy of sharing on the blog.

So I finally listened to my colleague and got the Chicken Torta ($8.00). I really wasn't expecting it to be so massive. The sandwich was literally bigger and wider than my hand.

The sandwich was made with Mexican bread and filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and with Mexican white cheese. There wa…

Dessert Works: Ice Cream at OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co.
175 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249

After brunch at Sweet Chick with our friends, we stopped by OddFellows Ice Cream Co. which is about ten minutes away from Sweet Chick.

We've been to the one in the East Village last Summer and that one wasn't as big and spacious as the one in Williamsburg. You can read my review of OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in the East Village by clicking here.

I like the one in Williamsburg a lot more because it's bigger and there's seating, but mostly because it feels like a real ice cream shop. The decor is very simple, but cute and it's very warm, bright, and welcoming.

There were many flavors to try and choose from, but the ones Will and I ended up with were:

as it says in the caption - Spiced Pumpkin & Apple Crisp ice cream. These two flavors reminds me of food and desserts we would typically have or relate to in the Autumn.

The spiced pumpkin is like a pumpkin pie in an ice cream. It wasn't too s…

Brunch with Sweet Chick

Sweet Chick 164 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

It was about a month ago when my friends, Will, and I met up at Sweet Chick (Williamsburg) for brunch. I was very excited to see our friends and to have brunch with them as well. I love brunch!

Our friends waited for 15-20 minutes for the restaurant to call us when our table was ready. The restaurant had a very simple and rustic decor. The ambiance was lively. The space was a little cramped. Server and staff are very friendly and helpful.

For drinks, our friends got the Blood Mary while my boyfriend got the Mimosa and I had the Bellini.

The Bellini was delightful. I've never tried a Bloody Mary before, but would like to give it a shot at some point in the near future.
Our friend Samantha ordered the Chicken and Waffles which was accompanied with three different types of spreads (fresh berries, ricotta, and spiced honey). I didn't enjoy it much because the chicken wasn't crispy or moist. It felt slightly cold an…

Restaurant Review - Soho Thai

Soho Thai
141 Grand Street New York, NY 10013

I haven't had Thai food in a long time. I saw that there was a new Thai restaurant in Soho/Chinatown that replaced a previous Thai restaurant and was interested in trying it.

Will and I came to Soho Thai for dinner and the interior/structure/decor was same as Thai Angel (previous restaurant). It was still warm and bright inside. The staff here weren't very attentive, professional, nor pleasant. Service is slightly slow too.

When we arrived we sat down for about 10-15 minutes before the server brought glasses of water to us and took our orders. The server didn't seem very professional as he wasn't making any eye contact with us either.

I ordered a Thai Ice Tea to share with the boyfriend. It was very refreshing and absolute perfection and looked adorable served in a mason jar.

For appetizer, we had the fried calamari with the sweet chili sauce. Honestly, I wasn't a fan of this because the fried calamari didn…

Family Dinner at Cafe Hong Kong

Cafe Hong Kong 51 Bayard Street New York, NY 10013

My family and I came here for a family dinner a month ago to celebrate my dad and big sister's lunar birthday. I've always been curious about Cafe Hong Kong since I've heard good things about the restaurant through my mom and sister.

Cafe Hong Kong is pretty clean, simple decor, and is more like a family-style restaurant than a cafe. There was eight of us so we had a large table. The waiters and waitresses here are friendly and quite attentive.

So this is what we ordered for our family dinner -

My parents ordered this since it sounded really good. The deep-fried soft shell crabs were fried just perfectly and looked extremely crispy. However, I didn't eat this because I am somewhat allergic to crab.

This is a traditional Hong Kong style food. It sounded and looked really well and had good color! I was a little disappointed because I didn't taste any salted fish and the casserole wasn't seasoned at…

The Best Things We Ever Ate in 2014

Happy New Year to our fellow followers and foodies!

It's that time of the year again! We would like to share with you the top and best of 14 things we've eaten in 2014 and where you can find it.

2014 has been a great year and I had the opportunity to try and experience a lot of different foods and cuisines with my family, Will, and friends. So here's our countdown list and be ready to salivate -

Please note: These foods/dishes aren't in any specific order.

14. On the last day of my Dining Room class, my professor and my class met atYemen Cafe(Downtown Brooklyn) and I've actually never had Middle Eastern cuisine before, so this was completely new and different for me.

I read that Lamb Hanteeth was one of the popular menu items so I tried it out. I was really excited in trying this dish and everything was truly yum! Lamb was moist and off the bone and everything was up to par!

13. This year I decided to give HK Tea & Sushi in my neighborhood a chance since I have…