My Experience in Baking & Pastry Arts and Culinary Class

It feels good to be back on blogging and here again. Winter break is here. The semester is over and I feel good.

As you may know I took Baking & Pastry Arts 2 and Culinary 2 this semester and I would like to share my experience with you.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what these classes encompass I shall tell you. Baking & Pastry Arts 2 is a five hour long class and 90% of the production is all pastries from apple products to French  pastries to layered cakes to chiffon pies and a lot more.

Culinary 2 is more hands-on, creativity-driven and as if your really in a kitchen. The bad thing about Culinary 2 is that it's a six hour long class and since I took it on a Saturday I had to get up every morning at 7AM and Will would drive me to school but the good thing is when we really got into cooking and prepping food, I was really into it, we got out early, and I took this class with my professor from Culinary 1.

Desserts from Baking & Pastry Arts
So there were some of the desserts we've made in my baking class and I must admit I was dreading this class almost every Wednesday night because baking isn't one of my strengths at all and baking a cake or the idea of baking a cake scares me a bit, but I did learn a few tools and tricks in baking class.
It was quite stressful at times because we made desserts for the dining room class that was taking place and for another class and the staff. However, in the end everything came together and I did learn a lot, but I also learned that I prefer cooking over baking a lot more.

Arugula, Citrus & Fennel Salad
I really liked my Culinary 2 class despite the fact I had to wake up early every Saturday. It was a struggle, but in return I was really into my class especially when it came time for production and of course eating the food. I was always excited about the days I knew I would actually get to make a dish from start to finish.

On the day I was the pantry chef, I made an arugula, citrus & fennel salad which I actually liked and made candied zest which tasted like a citrus candy literally. I really enjoyed making the salad and assisting my classmates in making other salads in previous classes.

Cream of corn soup
The week I was the Chef Potager (Soup Chef) I made a cream of corn soup. I haven't been a complete huge fan of most of the soups in class because well in French/American cuisine, there's a lot of dairy product and lots of heavy cream. I particularly don't like soups that are heavy and filled with lots of dairy because I feel like it takes away all the natural flavors of the vegetables, chicken, meat, and etc.

Classical Chicken Pot Pie

The week I was the Chef Saucier (Saute Cook), I made the entree which was the classical chicken pot pie, but we kind of deconstructed it. We cooked the vegetables and chicken different from the veloute sauce (chicken stock and blond roux) and the flaky pie crust is made separately. I liked this dish a lot, but would have preferred it in eating in a bowl.

Penne Arrabiata
The last week of production, I made penne arrabiata as an entree alternative and it basically is a hot and spicy pasta dish. I don't think I did a great job on this dish because I had a minor accident in class and wasn't able to make a great dish or one that I was satisfy with any way. 

All in all, I am grateful I enjoyed these classes for the most part and that I learned a lot about organization, food, ingredients, different techniques, and etc. I am glad I was able to create dishes all by myself from start to finish and put my creativity onto the plate. Hope to do that in my cooking from now on.


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