Two Hearty Thanksgiving Meals

Thanksgiving came and went by quick. This year I had three Thanksgiving celebrations - one with my company, one with my family, and one with Will's family.

On Thursday, my family and I had lunch at my house and boy did we eat lots of food.

Thanksgiving Lunch
This was the Thanksgiving lunch at my house. We had a mix of Chinese food and some traditional Thanksgiving foods. My sister and brother in-law brought roasted vegetables with pine nuts, cranberry sauce, and sliced turkey with gravy sauce.

Mom cooked most of the dishes and it was delicious! I really enjoyed the turkey and the cranberry sauce that my brother in-law made. It complemented really well. 

My brother in-law brought one of my favorites - strudel from Zabar's. He brought a blueberry and cheese strudel and apple strudel. I actually liked the blueberry and cheese strudel more because it added a nice creaminess to the strudel. It was really, really good.

Thanksgiving Dinner
This is the Thanksgiving dinner with Will's family. We had some Western and Eastern foods. The ham was baked in the oven and it was tender, moist, and delicious! Will's sister made sauteed apples which complemented really well with the ham. Everything was really yummy!

Desserts - Cakes
For dessert we had two cakes from Paris Baguette. There was a mini sponge cake and the cappuccino cake. I like the cappuccino cake the best because it wasn't too sweet and there was a hint of coffee in it.

All in all, it was a pretty fun Thanksgiving and food was excellent! Next year, I hope to make time to make roasted butternut squash or even mashed sweet potatoes. 

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. Nice one! What do you guys give thanks to?
    In London we don't celebrate it.


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