Ramen Quest: Revisting Bassanova Ramen

Bassanova Ramen
76 Mott Street New York, NY 10013

It's been about a year or so since Will and I have last been to Bassanova Ramen. We typically don't revisit ramen restaurants that we've previously been to unless their menu expanded/changed or we were unclear of how we felt the first time so we revisit it and see how we feel or we revisit because the ramen is just that damn good.

This time we came back because their menu expanded and because our dear friend Jimmy was craving for ramen so we took him to Bassanova Ramen.

Their new menu includes: soupless ramen, 4-7 additional ramen, and appetizers.

Sizzling Hot Iron-Pan Stick Dumplings
Sauteed Brussel Sprouts with Anchovies
Berkshire Pork Buns
So we began with the Sizzling Hot Iron-Pan stick dumplings and the presentation of it actually surprised us because we've never seen dumplings shaped or cooked like this.The dumplings were filled with berkshire pork, chives, Chinese cabbage, garlic, and scallion. I really liked the dumplings, but I wished the the crust was crunchier.

The Sauteed Brussel Sprouts with Anchovies and Berkshire Pork Buns were two additional appetizers we ordered after our ramen because we weren't full. The sauteed brussel sprouts with anchovies weren't exactly what I had hoped for. I mean the brussel sprouts had a nice shade of green on it and they were crunchy, but our mouths were on fire! It was hot and spicy.

The Berkshire pork buns were a let down. I've had pork buns before and usually it's hot, juicy, and meaty not cold and hot. I wasn't quite enthusiastic about seeing sliced tomatoes in the pork bun, the buns were slightly broken when presented to us, and it was just not what we had expected it to be.

Savory Crab Sauce Mix Soupless Ramen
Jimmy ordered the Savory Crab Sauce Mix Soupless Ramen. If your a pescatarians, this is perfect for you. This soupless ramen consisted of crab meat, red cabbage, mixed greens, pesto, tomato kikurage (tree ear), mushroom, memma bamboo shoot, fried ginger, and scallion. It's a combination of different textures and taste, definitely interesting pick from the Jimster.

Lemon & Black Pepper Tonkadu Ramen
Will ordered the Lemon & Black Pepper Tonkadu Ramen. This is one of their newest ramen on the menu. The lemon & black pepper tonkadu ramen consisted of berkshire pork tonkotsu soup with lemon & black pepper topped with chashu, tree ear, mushroom, fried ginger, onion, crushed sesame, nori and scallions. That's a lot of toppings.

I liked that the broth was heavy, thick, and has a lemon-like flavor to it. It wasn't salty to the point I needed to drown my throat and it wasn't spicy either. However, there's something about his ramen that wasn't fitting to me even though it was thick and savory. I think it's the lemon that throws me off and it tastes similar to our Chicken Francese. 

Tondaku Truffle Oil Wadashi Ramen
I ordered the Tondaku Truffle Oil Wadashi Ramen. The broth/soup is berkshire pork tonkotsu & wadashi bouillon soup and topped off with pork loin chashu, memma bamboo shoot, gyofun, nori, fried ginger, and scallions. 

I really enjoyed my ramen even though there's a kick of spicyness in it. Although I don't like and can't really eat spicy foods, I liked the kick that this ramen had. It was the right intensity for me. 

The broth wasn't as thick as the Lemon & Black pepper ramen, but it was rich and savory. I liked the texture of the noodles. They were thin and straight like angel hair pasta. 

So I must admit I am happy to see that the menu has expanded at Bassanova Ramen, but their portions are small and I am normally full and content after a bowl of ramen at most ramen restaurants ,but even the ramen at Bassanova seemed small so that's why we ordered two additional appetizers.

Furthermore, their pricing for ramen is a little steep compared to other places Will and I been to. The price is definitely a factor we will take in account to as to if we'll be visiting again or not.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Likelihood to Return: 75%


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