MeKong Vientamese Restaurant - better off not returning for a while

MeKong Vietnamese Restaurant
263 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11223

Hi everyone! It feels good to be back on the blogging and Yelp grind. Life has been utterly busy on the offline end. Just finished my midterm and I am confident I did well, but I'll just have to wait to next week to see the results. I've studied and been loading up on coffee with an extra shot of espressos this week. I paused from blogging and yelp reviews for about two weeks and it was hard, but here I am back in action at least for now.

So here's a long overdue review, a month overdue for you. There aren't many Vietnamese restaurants in my neighborhood. There's one across the street from where I live and it's been in business for years, but there's another one that just opened up maybe two years ago called MeKong Vietnamese restaurant.

The decor and ambiance is typical Vietnamese restaurant. I was quite surprised at how spacious the restaurant was. I came on a Saturday night with friends and my cousin and surprisingly it wasn't too crowded.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Large)
We ordered three appetizers and this was one of them. The Vietnamese spring rolls were fried to perfection and was tasty.

Summer Rolls
This was our second appetizer - summer rolls. It's a simple Vietnamese appetizer, nothing too special.

Vietnamese Pancake
This is Mekong's version of the Banh Xeo. I've had Banh Xeo at another Vietnamese restaurant before (review coming soon!) and it was fantastic! Mekong's Banh Xeo was a true downgrade from what I had experienced before. 

First of all, the plating/presentation was sloppy and the Banh Xeo was not made to it's best because it was literally falling apart compared to the one I had before. This was just poorly made.

Bun Bo Lui
My friend Jimmy ordered the Bun Bo Lui (Grilled beef with sesame seasoning and lettuce on rice vermicelli. This looked really good! I typically order this when I have Bun, but this time I chose something slightly different.

Grilled Shrimp over Rice Vermicelli
I decided to try the grilled shrimp over rice vermicelli. This wasn't any different from the other rice vermicelli dishes, The only difference is that there is grilled shrimp in this one. The shrimp were a little overcooked and weren't plump like they should be. However, this did taste pretty good.

I think the likelihood of me returning to MeKong is 50% because the food wasn't superb or extraordinary. I've definitely had better Vietnamese food in Brooklyn. The service wasn't the best, a little slow in my opinion. 


  1. I love viet food!
    The pancake thing looks more like scamble eggs than cripsy pancake though haha!
    Just found you on instagram, follow me ? Muji_bb

    1. Yeah the pancake wasn't good at all. I looked at my instagram, not sure if I saw your following, but I'll be sure to follow you back :)


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