Food Review: BBQ Pulled Pork Wafel

Wafel & Dinges (Food Truck)
(Downtown Brooklyn, Lawrence Street)

So now that you know there are food trucks every Thursday in Downtown Brooklyn, here's another food truck that's part of Food Truck Thursdays - Wafels & Dinges.

I've always had their sweet wafels, but not their savory ones so I decided to pick one up for lunch recently.

BBQ Pulled Pork Wafel
This is the wafel I ordered. The wafel had a slight crunchiness to it and the barbecue sauce was sweet and tangy which I liked. The pulled pork was really moist and velvety. It was really delicious!

Cole Slaw
My lunch also came with a side of cole slaw which was tasty.

I didn't expect a savory wafel to taste so good. I'm glad I gave it a shot. The chicken and gravy wafel sounds really tempting. I may have to give that one a shot at some point.


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