Dinner at the Coach House Diner

Coach House Diner
921 Kennedy Boulevard North Bergen, NJ 07047

It's been a very long time since Will and I have been to a diner. One Saturday night while we were in New Jersey, we decided to return to Coach House Diner (previous review can be found here).

It was packed with diners at Coach House the evening we went, but no matter how busy or crazy it got, our server made us extremely welcomed and happy. She had a positive attitude and was very warm to us.

I didn't order a soup so I went with the salad bar which has an array of salad toppings, pasta salads, and etc.

Bread Basket

Seafood Medley
I ordered the Seafood Medley which consisted of shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels, and clams sauteed in a light clam sauce.and two sides. The seafood were moist, plump, and delicious! The light clam sauce was light and had a slight wine taste to it.

There's a variety of sides to choose from, but the ones I chose was the crusty Parmesan potatoes and cauliflower au gratin. The crusty Parmesan potatoes had a nice crust on top and seasoned just right. I really enjoyed the cauliflower au gratin because it had just the right amount of seasoning and cheese in it.

Steak Cremosa
Will wanted steak and also wanted to try something new so he ordered the steak creamosa. It's a NY Sirloin steak served in a creamy brandy sauce with black pepper, onions, mushrooms, and roasted peppers. At first his steak wasn't cooked to the way he wanted so he sent it back to be cooked to medium-well. 

When the steak returned, we both tried it. I really liked the sauce because it was rich, thick, and you can taste the brandy. The steak was moist and cooked just right.

Corn Chowder
Our server asked Will if he wanted anything else while he was waiting for his steak. So she gave him a corn chowder and didn't charge it for us either.

French Fries & Corn Niblets
Will ordered French fries and corn niblets for his sides. I really liked the French fries because there's a crispiness to it and has a little salt tossed in it. 

All in all, we had a pleasant experience at Coach House, but this time it was a lot more welcoming and warm. Our server did an excellent job at serving us and just being upbeat and positive! I hope next time we return to Coach House, she will be our server again.


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