Pho Vietnam 87 - Inspired to eat here

Pho Vietnam 87
87 Chrystie Street New York, NY 10002

So, I am pretty sure by now that you all know Will and I love Vietnamese food. We've recently tried a new Vietnamese restaurant actually in Chinatown. The reason that we tried it is not only because we were hungry or that we wanted Vietnamese food,  but mostly because I read an in-depth and great review of Pho Vietnam 87 on Eater NY. The beautiful photos and descriptions were convincing enough to try.

Banh Xeo
So I have this food bucket list and one of the items I've been wanting to try is Banh Xeo. It is a savory, Vietnamese pancake. When it arrived, it literally looked like a giant omelet. Inside was a combination of ground pork and shrimp and also beansprouts. It was pan-fried to sizzling crispness.

Will and I weren't quite sure how to begin eating the Banh Xeo, but somehow we figured our own way. We wrapped a small piece of the Banh Xeo in the lettuce that was provided and dipped it in the sweet fish sauce and just bit into it and man, oh man it was YUM! The first bite had a nice crisp crunch. The Banh Xeo was made perfectly and was delicious. There was a slight coconuty-ness to the Banh Xeo which made it taste even more interesting.

Pho Xe Lua
Will as always ordered his Pho Xe Lua. I must admit of all the times I've had Vietnamese food for him, I've never actually had Pho Xe Lua, not sure why. I guess I've never tried it before because I usually don't go for noodle soups at Vietnamese restaurants. Someday I will try it and see what it tastes like.

Bun Bo Lui
I ordered a bun dish - Bun Bo Lui which is a grilled beef with sesame dressing rice noodles and served with chopped lettuce, cucumber, mint leaves on the bottom, and crushed with peanuts on top. I liked my entree very much. It was really filling and filled with a combination of deliciousness and lots of greens.

So I must say we did enjoy our dinner and experience at Pho Vietnam 87. The servers were friendly and nice. The food was top notch and the Banh Xeo was excellent! I would definitely come back here and recommend that you do too. Yes, there are many Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown, but this is one that's definitely worth checking out.


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