Filling Up Our Bellies at Belly Busters

Belly Busters
4408 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

On our last day of our Labor Day Weekend trip in Ocean City we made one final food stop at Belly Busters.

It's a one of a kind and interesting seafood establishment nearby the beach. There is indoor and outdoor dining. It was crowded, humid, and hot inside the restaurant so we ate outdoors, but even outdoors was hot.

Most of us ordered the seafood platter but with different sides.

Conch Fritters
The conch fritters were fried and crispy on the outside, but I didn't quite enjoy it because it didn't have much of a taste or flavor in it.

Seafood Platter
So as I said most of us ordered the seafood platter which consisted of fried fish, clamp strips,crab cake, and fried shrimp. Will and I ordered two sides - fries and cole slaw. The seafood platter also came with two dipping sauces - cocktail sauce for the shrimp and tartar sauce.

I wasn't a fan of the clam strips. The crab cake was moist, delicious, and up to par. The fried shrimp and fish was alright, nothing too special.

My friends also ordered a large order of crabs. It looked really good. I didn't take part in it because I shouldn't have too much crabs cause I have a slight allergy with crabs.

The experience at Belly Busters was definitely a lot different from the other places we've been to in Maryland. The experience at Belly Busters was a lot more laid back. Would I return to Belly Busters? Maybe. It was nice to try, but next time we visit Ocean City, I give other restaurant a shot.


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