On the Bay Seafood in Ocean City

On the Bay Seafood
4204 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

So it's been a while since I last updated on the food blog. The reason is because I've just been busy and it will be busy until mid-December and you can read about why I've been so busy by reading my blog  post on Big City Little Blogger.

During Labor Day Weekend - Will, our friends, and I went down to Ocean City, Maryland for a getaway and to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach and etc. It was a great trip and we sure had a lot of seafood as you will see in future posts. The first food spot we stopped by was On the Bay Seafood.

There's an entrance to where we can place our orders and see the kitchen too. It sure smelled a lot like seafood. I placed orders for me and Will. The cashier lady gave a table number to our group and we sat and waited for the food. I love the outdoor, sand, beach-like scene and ambiance at On the Bay Seafood. It was really relaxing. 

Pina Colada
Yeah, I started early and had a Pina Colada which contained a little alcohol. The Pina Colada was refreshing. I was sort of hoping for a more prettier version, but guess not.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich
Will ordered the soft shell crab sandwich which was accompanied with boardwalk fries and Silver Queen Corn (seasonal). I didn't try Will's meal, but according to him it was delectable!

Crispy Clam Strips
I ordered the Crispy Clam Strips served with "house" cocktail sauce, Homemade cole slaw, and Silver Queen corn. The cole slaw was mediocre, I've had better. The corn was delicious and had a slight buttery taste to it. 

I was excited to try the clam strips cause I love clam, but I was a little disappointed because the breading of the clam strips lacked seasoning. I probably wouldn't order this again since it wasn't too special.

Hot, Heavy Crabs
So this was On the Bay Seafood's hot heavy crabs. I actually didn't take part in this because didn't quite want to get involved in a seafood mess, but they sure looked fresh and smelled good too!

I was pretty pleased with the ambiance at On the Bay Seafood. Although, I wasn't too happy with my order I would want to return and try their other foods. 


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