Dining on the Ocean City Boardwalk at Flavors of Italy

Flavors of Italy
513 Atlantic Avenue Ocean City, MD 21842

*This review is not based solely on the food, but on the service as well*

On our 3rd day in Ocean City, Will and I had a late lunch at Flavors of Italy on the boardwalk. We sat outdoors where we enjoyed a nice breeze.

Ice Water & Fresh Lemonade
Our waitress came by and took our beverage orders. I ordered a seltzer with a slice of lemon and Will ordered fresh lemonade. She gave me just ice water with a slice of lemon, claimed the machine was broken and couldn't get me seltzer so I decided to order a root beer instead.

So after we ordered our entrees, two customers went up to our waitress to discuss about the quality of the food and unfortunately, Will and I were there to witness the whole scene and it was not beautiful either, It made us uncomfortable, but the waitress noticed what we had seen and came over to apologize and explained the situation.

Garlic Bread
Our waitress finally brought my drink and I really just wanted one drink, but she brought out a seltzer and root beer. Next our food came out as well as garlic bread.

Crab cakes with Broccoli
Will ordered the crab cakes with a side of broccoli tossed in garlic oil. His crab cakes were very moist ans tasty. I wasn't thrilled about biting on a piece of crab shell though. I liked the broccoli a lot because it was cooked al dente and it had a nice garlic and herb-like aroma.

Oak Grilled Salmon with Garlic Mashed Potatoes
I ordered the oak grilled salmon with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. The oak grilled salmon had a nice crust to it, but it was a little spicy - way too much black pepper. The salmon was soft and moist, but as I worked my way towards the middle of the salmon. I noticed a small section of it was still semi-raw and inedible. I wanted to tell our waitress about it, but decided not to. The garlic mashed potatoes was too oily and there was no hint of garlic at all.

After we finished our meal, we asked for the check and the waitress said to us up front - "Hopefully you'll pay" and in my opinion, that's unprofessional! Our waitress didn't charge me for the drinks which is good and bad. It's good that she recognized her mistakes, but bad for her and the restaurant on losing money by giving away free stuff.

I don't know if I would return to Flavors of Italy again. The service just didn't feel quite right and atmosphere didn't feel pleasant either. The food was decent, but if the service isn't fair or good, than I wouldn't return.


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