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As The Chef of The Day

There's still 10-15 minutes left of September 29, 2014 so I think I can still say - Happy International Coffee Day and I hope if you are a coffee fan that you got your coffee. I know I did.

So as you may or may not know, I am currently taking Culinary 2 class in my school. It's from 8:30AM-2:30PM on Saturdays, but it's really not that long because class is done by 1:30-2PM and there's no dining room to serve and we are a small class. Each day, each student is assigned as a  different position and has different duties that they are responsible for.

For the class on September 27, 2014 - I was chef. I was slightly nervous, but also gained confidence as the class progressed. I was supposed to have a Sous Chef and Steward who are assistants to the chef, but they were absent. Luckily, I didn't panic and one of my classmates/friends said if I need anything, they are there for me. This boosted up my confidence.

I was rather calm throughout the class and helped where help w…

Dining on the Ocean City Boardwalk at Flavors of Italy

Flavors of Italy
513 Atlantic Avenue Ocean City, MD 21842

*This review is not based solely on the food, but on the service as well*

On our 3rd day in Ocean City, Will and I had a late lunch at Flavors of Italy on the boardwalk. We sat outdoors where we enjoyed a nice breeze.

Our waitress came by and took our beverage orders. I ordered a seltzer with a slice of lemon and Will ordered fresh lemonade. She gave me just ice water with a slice of lemon, claimed the machine was broken and couldn't get me seltzer so I decided to order a root beer instead.

So after we ordered our entrees, two customers went up to our waitress to discuss about the quality of the food and unfortunately, Will and I were there to witness the whole scene and it was not beautiful either, It made us uncomfortable, but the waitress noticed what we had seen and came over to apologize and explained the situation.

Our waitress finally brought my drink and I really just wanted one drink, but she brought o…

Dining along the Harbor in Ocean City, MD

Harborside Bar and Grill
12841 Harbor Road Ocean City, MD 21842 410.213.1846
During our first full day in Ocean City, we decided to eat out and enjoy some seafood for dinner. 
We arrived at Harborside Bar and Grill around 8PM and ended up waiting about an hour and a half since it was so crowded at the restaurant. It was truly a long wait, but in the end it was worth it because the food was amazing!
A friend ordered the Seafood Bisque which is a variety of seafood in a traditional, creamy tomato bisque. This was probably one of the heartiest and delicious soups I've had so far.

It's rich. It's creamy and to die for. There was real seafood in the soup. I tasted scallops, shrimp, calamari, and crab meat.

I ordered the garlic mussels. They were steamed with chopped garlic, white wine, and served with butter. The garlic mussels were tasty and full of white wine and garlic goodness! The only disappointment was that these mussels weren't big or meaty. They were tiny like clam…

Sweet Treats from Julia's Original Cannoli

Julia's Original Cannoli
11th street & Boardwalk Ocean City, MD 21842

During our stay in Ocean City, my friends, Will, and I would walk on the boardwalk at least once or twice a day. There was one shop that Will and I passed by called Julia's Original Cannoli.

Julia's has all foods and snacks from funnel cake to fried oreos to ice cream and a lot more. During our visits to Julia's, I've tried the following -

The first visit to Julia's Original Cannoli, I had the Root Beer Italian ice. The Root Beer Italian ice was actually interesting! I've never had a root beer flavored dessert before, so this was definitely different.

On our next visit to Julia's, I got the strawberries and creme ice cream. It was the perfect snack/food for the hot weekend we were experiencing. I really enjoyed the strawberries and creme because it was soft, not too sweet, and just yum!

On our last night in Ocean City, my friends, Will, and I walked the boardwalk at night and also…

On the Bay Seafood in Ocean City

On the Bay Seafood
4204 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

So it's been a while since I last updated on the food blog. The reason is because I've just been busy and it will be busy until mid-December and you can read about why I've been so busy by reading my blog  post on Big City Little Blogger.

During Labor Day Weekend - Will, our friends, and I went down to Ocean City, Maryland for a getaway and to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach and etc. It was a great trip and we sure had a lot of seafood as you will see in future posts. The first food spot we stopped by was On the Bay Seafood.

There's an entrance to where we can place our orders and see the kitchen too. It sure smelled a lot like seafood. I placed orders for me and Will. The cashier lady gave a table number to our group and we sat and waited for the food. I love the outdoor, sand, beach-like scene and ambiance at On the Bay Seafood. It was really relaxing. 
Yeah, I started early and had a Pina C…