Revisting A Wah Restaurant II

A-Wah Restuarant II
48B Bowery Street New York, NY 10013

Last Sunday night, Will, my best friend and I were pondering about what we should eat for dinner. It took us a while to figure it out, but Christina wanted clay pot rice so we knew just the place to take her to. We took her to A Wah Restaurant II in Chinatown.
House Special Clay Pot Rice
My best friend ordered the House Special Clay Pot Rice with a fried egg on top. It sure did look amazing and tasty. Will and I have had this before and really enjoyed it!

Chinese Sausage & Preserved Duck with Taro
Will and I ordered the Chinese Sausage & Preserved Duck with Taro which is similar to Christina's clay pot rice except there's no fried egg or minced pork. I really enjoyed our clay pot rice and liked that the taro was cut into little cubes and mixed in with the rice. The best part was the crusty and crunchy parts of the rice. Those were extremely crunchy and tasty!

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce
Christina was craving for stir-fried eggplant so we ordered and eggplant with garlic sauce (non-spicy) and it was delicious. Very oily and greasy, but delicious and I liked it. It was nice to know that we both love eggplant.

We enjoyed our dinner at A Wah Restaurant II very much and hopefully she enjoyed it. Looking forward to her next visit to NYC where I can take her to try a lot more foods and restaurants.


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