Enjoying and Indulging on Savory Peruvian Food

Pio Pio
282 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11223

Will and I went on a double date with our friends Samantha and Alex recently and decided to go to a new and local restaurant Pio Pio, located in Gravesend, Brooklyn. There's a couple of locations in the city and Queens.

I really liked the decor of the restaurant because it was very simple and chic. The atmosphere is relaxing, chill, and mellow.

Sangria - Roja
We ordered a pitcher of Sangria - Roja (Rose). This was my second time trying Sangria and it was definitely different from the first time I had it because the first time I had it was homemade - less alcohol. I really liked the Sangria we had. It complemented the food very well and was refreshing.

Matador Combo
We ordered the Matador Combo ($34.00) and is one of Pio Pio's most popular menu item. The Matador Combo included: Mama Juanita's rotisserie chicken, yellow rice and beans, tostones, salchipapa, and an avocado salad.

Mama Juanita's rotisserie chicken was enormous! It was nicely roasted to a nice shade of golden brown, piping hot, tender, and delicious. The yellow rice and beans were tasty, nothing too special. The salchipapa is sliced frankfurters and French fries. Who would have thought those two would be an interesting combo? The sliced frankfurters were cooked to perfection as the fries were too.

My favorite of this entire combo was the tostones because I have had a lot of tostones before and none of them could measure up to the excellent quality from Pio Pio. The tostones has a slight crunch on the outside and were really moist, smooth, and delightful! I ate a whole lot of it. Since Will is allergic to avocado we had it served on the side from the salad.

Pescadito Chifa
A Yelp reviewer said on their review that the crispy sea bass was delectable so I shared that with my friends and Will, so we decided to order it. The Pescadito Chifa (Crispy sea bass) ($26.00) was served with oriental mixed vegetables and sauteed with Peruvian spices and white rice.

I wasn't a fan of this dish even though the sea bass was cooked to perfection, moist and delicate. There was just the right amount of seasoning and flavor, but it looks like a regular Asian dish I would eat at home.

Finally, we had the Jalea ($22.00) which is a traditional Peruvian fried mixed seafood platter topped with salsa criolla. The fried seafood that I tried was fried calamari, fish, and not sure what else, but there was also fried yuca. The salsa criolla was a white salsa and tasted like ranch sauce.

I wasn't too thrilled with this dish because the breading on the fried seafood and yuca definitely needed more salt, pepper, and maybe spices. The taste was very bland.

For the most part, our dinner was delightful and satisfying. The decor really captured me and most of the food was on point. I would definitely come back especially since it's so close to my home, just 15 minutes away and next time, I will be eating lots and lots of tostones.


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