Cocoron - Little Italy

37 Kenmare Street New York, NY 10012

Will and our friends tried the original Cocoron on Delancey Street in June and quite frankly, it was packed and the space was small.

Cocoron opened it's second location not too far from it's original location and I was hoping it would be different and it was. I met up with my cousin Jennifer for girl's night out and dinner at Cocoron since she's never had soba outside of home.

We came on a Tuesday night around 6:45PM-7PM and were seated right away. The decor and ambiance was very different from the one on Delancey Street. It was very modern in terms of decor and in terms of ambiance - relaxing  and chill.

I wanted to try the pork and okra croquettes but it was labeled on the menu as "temporarily unavailable". After looking at the menu, my cousin and I placed our orders.

Cold Natto Soba
Jennifer doesn't eat meat so many of the soba items on the menu weren't suitable for her. She ordered the Cold Natto Soba and neither of us knew what she was getting herself into.

At first it seemed adorable because it was a total DIY situation she had on her hands and the set-up was cute. She mixed everything together, but after a couple of bites and tastes she wasn't too enthusiastic about her food.

Chicken Meatball Dip Soba
I ordered the Chicken Meatball Dip Soba which I thought was cute and I was really excited for this. The chicken meatball was moist and tasty.The broth was delicious with a little bit of burdock root, so there was almost an herb-like taste to it. I liked dipping the noodles in the little pot very much.

Although my cousin didn't enjoy her noodles very much, I actually enjoyed the experience and my noodles very much so. I also like the vibe in this Cocoron more so than the one on Delancey street. I am itching to visit Cocoron again for their soba. It's just that good!


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