A Little Bit of Sweetness at Mo Gelato

Mo Gelato
178 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10012

After reading an intriguing post on Serious Eats about the best ice cream, gelato, and soft serve in New York City, it got me seriously craving for ice cream and gelato. It also made me want to try out a few of the spots that were mentioned in the post.

So after having dinner with my cousin, we decided to go for dessert and I took her to Mo Gelato which was near Cocoron (where we had dinner).Mo Gelato had very simple decor, nothing too sophisticated. There's only two benches outside of the shop. There's an array of gelatos to choose from, but the flavors didn't quite appeal to me because most of it was coffee or chocolate based.

Caffe Gelato
Any way, my cousin had tiramisu on a sugar cone and I had the Caffe gelato with toasted Italian coffee. The Caffe gelato was smooth and tasted like coffee. It was a little too sweet in my opinion. There were bits of chocolate in the gelato as well.

I have mixed feelings about Mo Gelato. It's a cute and simple dessert shop, but the flavors aren't that special in my opinion. None of the flavors really appealed to me. Maybe, I'll give Mo Gelato another shot if I am in the Little Italy neighborhood again.


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