Meaty Deliciousness at Big Wong

Big Wong
67 Mott Street New York, NY 10013

Will and I don't typically have dinner at small, old restaurants in Chinatown and we typically wouldn't eat this for dinner because it's more of a lunch than dinner.

I don't know what it was, but I had an intensive yearning for this and we ended up having it for dinner.  I didn't even bother to look at the menu when we arrived at Big Wong. I told Will what I wanted before I went to use the restroom and I returned 3-5 minutes later and there it was.

Three Precious Rice 
Yup, this was my dinner. I can't express to you how long and how much I've been craving for this simple yet harmonious dish.

The char-siu was moist, tender, and cooked to perfection. The duck seasoned just right and tender. I also had a fried egg and it was cooked exactly how I hoped it would be - over easy with a runny yolk hidden inside.

This dish satisfied me completely and I was happy and full afterwards. It was such a tasty dinner that I finished everything. This dish only cost me about $6.75 (not bad at all).

Roast Pork & Soy Sauce Chicken over Rice
Will ordered the roast pork and soy sauce chicken over rice. He loves white meat and asked for it. I'm not a fan of white meat. I'm more of a dark meat person. He enjoyed his dish very much too, but probably not as much as I did.

Our dinner was served quick and we ate quick too. We don't visit or eat at Big Wong a lot, but this is one of the ultimate spots I love to come to for a meaty delicious lunch or dinner. It' quick. It's delicious. It's inexpensive. What else can you ask for?


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