Local Dining: La Granja Peruana Restaurant

La Granja Peruana Restaurant
1928 Bath Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11214

While growing up and living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn for 23 years, never have I taken notice that there was a Peruvian restaurant just about 10-12 blocks from where I live.

A friend of mine - Dan, who also happens to be a foodie too told me about La Granja Peruana Restaurant and how they have awesome roasted chicken. I checked the place on Yelp and vowed to give it a shot one day since it is a local restaurant and I've never had Peruvian food before.

A girl friend of mine  from junior high school and I made plans to have dinner here. We met at La Granja Peruana Restaurant on a Thursday night and it was quite empty inside the restaurant. It was a quiet dinner with light background music. As for the decor, it needs to be fixed and enhanced.

So we had the following -

Palta Rellena De Pollo
My friend Jenny ordered the Palta Rellena De Pollo (Half avocado stuffed with chicken and potato salad) as an appetizer. It wasn't plated in the neatest way, but that's okay.

The chicken and potato salad was light and tasted just fine, but could have used just tiny bit of salt. I thought it was a little silly that they put saltine crackers with the dish.

Yuca Frita O Sancochada
For a side/appetizer, I ordered the Yuca Frita O Sancochada (fried yuca). I've had fried yuca before and they are delicious! The yuca frita at La Granja were an enormous size, but I did enjoy it. It was piping hot, crispy, crunchy, and soft inside as it should be.

Combo - 1/4 Roasted Chicken & House Salad
Jenny ordered the combo with 1/4 roasted chicken and a house salad and this cost about $6.50. I honestly felt her dish was small, not sure how she could have gotten full on that but it looked great and the salad looked very vibrant.

Combo - 1/4 Roast Chicken with Yellow Rice & Beans
I ordered a combo too except mine has yellow rice and beans. The presentation and plating could use work, because it looks like they just dumped the sauce on the plate and that's it.

So I definitely didn't get dark meat, which isn't a huge issue, but I do prefer dark meat. My piece of chicken was a little overcooked/dry. The yellow rice and beans was scrumptious, seasoned just right!

So aside from what I've heard about this restaurant from my friends, I actually liked it for the most part because it's close, convenient, inexpensive, and very new and different to Bensonhurst. I do feel the service and decor could be improved. The food isn't excellent, but there was definitely some interesting flavors that popped out at me. I may be back soon because their choclo con queso (Peruvian corn on the cob served with fresh white cheese) sounds really tempting and delicious.


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