Food Review: Waldorf Wrap

*This review is solely based on just this food and not Lassen & Hennigs*

So there's a shop/deli known as Lassen & Hennigs in Downtown Brooklyn that my company and I have ordered food from numerous amount of times and quite frankly the quality of the catered foods were a hit or miss. However, they also ready-to-go foods and drinks that you can just grab and go and they also make food fresh as well.

As you may know I have been on a semi-healthy kick so once in a while I would trek to the other side of Downtown Brooklyn just for a good lunch.

Waldorf Wrap

I've tried their Whole Wheat Waldorf wrap and it's phenomenal! This is possibly one of the best wraps I've had so far besides the Grilled Chicken Caesar wrap from One Way Deli. I have had a Waldorf salad before, but come on a Waldorf salad rolled together in a wrap is a whole different level!

There was chicken, walnuts, sliced apple, raisins, celery, and mayonnaise. I really like the fact that there were big slices/chunks of apple. The apple and walnuts adds a nice crunchiness to the wrap, but the apple adds a slight sweetness to the wrap. The celery adds a nice crunch too. It's really a light, simple, and super filling wrap. Oh yes, this wrap was under $7.00.

There are other wraps available at Lassen & Hennigs and food too. I am definitely going to try out their other wraps and hopefully some of them will be just as delicious as the Waldorf Wrap.


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