Food Event: Japanese Gourmet Fair at Mitsuwa

595 River Road Edgewater, NJ 07020

It was about two weeks ago when a few friends, Will, and I went to Mitsuwa for the Japanese Gourmet Fair. We arrived on an early Saturday morning so we can get seats, grab food, and line up for the special ramen. And... as always at these events we can get a little too crazy with the food.

Beef Tongue Ramen
The special ramen that was served was the beef tongue ramen. There were two types availalble - beef tongue ramen with all toppings and a beef tongue ramen with just scallions. Will and I ordered the one with all toppings of course. I really and truly enjoyed the beef tongue ramen because it's unlike any other ramen I've had before.

I have had grilled beef tongue before and the texture was different from the beef tongue in the ramen. This beef tongue was soft and melts in your mouth. It's texture is the same as cooked pork liver, but softer. The noodles were different too. It wasn't wavy or straight, but it was just flat. The broth was light and seasoned just right. This was probably by far one of the best ramen I've had.

Dry Beef Curry Rice
Will ordered a combo which came with a bowl of dry beef curry rice. Honestly, it wasn't anything special. It was really just curry flavored rice with ground beef. Next time, we won't go for this.

Assorted Skewered Fried Fish Cakes
So Will and I went a little crazy. Will lined up without telling me and picked up 6 fish cakes and I lined up later on and picked up 7 fish cakes. There was a wide assortment of fish cakes - edamame, octopus, squid, okonomiyaki, and a lot more. The fish cakes were nothing too special and we definitely had too much. Next time, I'll make sure Will and I have better communication when we pick up food at a food event.

Inari Sushi with Crab Meat special
We also had the Inari Sushi with crab meat special. There's two inari sushi stuffed with crab meat and sticky rice and on the side there's sticky rice with shredded crab meat, more crab meat, egg, and ginger. This was crab meat heaven! The crab meat was delicious and had a bit of sweetness to it.

Inari Sushi
These were at last year's Mitsuwa food events too! These are adorable and simply delicious! The inari has a bit of a sweetness to it as the crab meat does too.

Triple Soft Ice Cream
There was no specialty ice cream at the event this time. My friends, Will, and I always have extra room in our tummies for ice cream so we went to Ito En (inside Mitsuwa) and our friends recommended we get the triple soft ice cream. The three flavors were vanilla, black sesame, and green tea. The ice cream was amazing, but I'm not a huge fan of black sesame flavored desserts. The green tea was the best!

It was a fun and great event! We were all a little bummed that there was no takoyaki at this event. Hopefully the next event will have takoyaki. I can't wait for the next food event.


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