Bubble Tea at Red Bubble

Red Bubble
97 Chrystie Street New York, NY 10002

After Will and I had dinner at Big Wong, our friends brought us to a hidden bubble tea shop on Chrystie Street in Chinatown. I would never have noticed its existence because you see Red Bubble is tucked away underneath another shop so it's hard to see.

The day we went there wasn't much ventilation at the bubble tea shop, limited seats, and not much decor. The price is same as just about anywhere else. The service is regular - nothing extraordinary.

Rose Tea
I've never tried rose tea before so decided to give it a shot. It was definitely different compared to other bubble teas I've had so far. It had a light, floral-like taste to it. I didn't really enjoy it too much after a few sips because of it's floral-like taste and I should have gotten it with tapioca or some type of topping. It was also a little too sweet for me. I should have customized the sweetness.

Red Bubble is similar to Kung Fu Tea in that they allow you to customize how much sugar or ice is added to your drink. Sugar - extra sugar (120%), less sugar (70%), half sugar (50%), little sugar (30%), and no sugar (0%). For ice - more ice, less ice, and no ice.

I think the likelihood of us returning may be slim because we have our hearts set on a default bubble tea shop right now and that's Kung Fu Tea, but I am personally opened to trying new bubble tea shops too. In addition, Red Bubble's menu is pretty standard - nothing too extraordinary, just ordinary.


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