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Teariffic Cafe - Where I found the most amazing drink ever

Teariffic Cafe
51 Mott Street New York, NY 10013

Last Friday was our friend Eric's birthday and after dinner we decided to sit down for bubble tea at Teariffic Cafe. It's been a while since Will and I have been here because we usually opt for Kung Fu Tea.

It was pretty packed when we arrived which isn't a surprise since it was a Friday night, but we did get a nice table in the corner for the five of us. Teariffic is probably one of the only tea shops I know that you can actually sit down and enjoy. The rest of the bubble tea shops aren't as spacious and have limited seating. The staff here are quick at what they do and attentive.

I like that Teariffic Cafe has an extensive list of bubble teas, smoothies, shakes, milk shakes, and exotic drinks to choose from and they also have savory items. In addition, they serve Eileen's cheesecake too.

I looked at the menu long and hard before I could decide what I wanted. I remember the last time Will and I came he…

Food Review: Waldorf Wrap

*This review is solely based on just this food and not Lassen & Hennigs*

So there's a shop/deli known as Lassen & Hennigs in Downtown Brooklyn that my company and I have ordered food from numerous amount of times and quite frankly the quality of the catered foods were a hit or miss. However, they also ready-to-go foods and drinks that you can just grab and go and they also make food fresh as well.

As you may know I have been on a semi-healthy kick so once in a while I would trek to the other side of Downtown Brooklyn just for a good lunch.

I've tried their Whole Wheat Waldorf wrap and it's phenomenal! This is possibly one of the best wraps I've had so far besides the Grilled Chicken Caesar wrap from One Way Deli. I have had a Waldorf salad before, but come on a Waldorf salad rolled together in a wrap is a whole different level!

There was chicken, walnuts, sliced apple, raisins, celery, and mayonnaise. I really like the fact that there were big slices/chunks of …

A Belated Celebration at Sotto Voce

Sotto Voce
225 7th Avenue New York, NY 11215

Earlier this month I was very sick - caught a fever, viral infection, and developed tonsillitis (swelling on the tonsils) and couldn't celebrate my 3.5 year anniversary with Will, but promised to him we would celebrate it after I got better and we did so last week.

Since it was nice weather last week ,we decided to go to brunch after our morning workout at the gym. I found Sotto Voce, a mid-sized restaurant located on the corner of 7th Avenue and 4th street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The decor was simple and clean, gave a nice, cozy, and  local neighborhood feel to it.

We were greeted by a waiter and he took our beverage orders. For weekend brunch, there's unlimited mimosas, champagne, bloody Mary, homemade pound cake, hot coffee or hot tea.

We decided to start off our brunch with mimosas. I've had a bellini before, but not a mimosa. The mimosa was light, simple, and delightful to drink.

There was definitely a lot mo…

Lunch Spot: One Way Deli in Downtown Brooklyn

One Way Deli
26 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Will told me about this little deli that's located on one of the busiest streets in Downtown Brooklyn. He's boasted about how delicious and filling the wraps are at One Way Deli. Since I've been on a bit of a healthy kick, I decided to try out a wrap at One Way Deli.

It's about an 8-10 minute walk from my office. It's not spacious nor fancy inside. The staff behind the counter are very friendly and quick at fixing your meal. The price for a wrap/sandwich is actually quite cheap for Downtown Brooklyn.

I ordered the grilled chicken Caesar wrap for under $8.00-$9.00, that's actually not bad. The wrap was humongous and I actually didn't quite finish the entire wrap. I got a whole wheat wrap and it consisted of Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, croutons,  and Parmesan cheese.

I've had a grilled chicken Caesar wrap from other restaurants/food places near my office, but none of them tasted as good as…

Bubble Tea at Red Bubble

Red Bubble
97 Chrystie Street New York, NY 10002

After Will and I had dinner at Big Wong, our friends brought us to a hidden bubble tea shop on Chrystie Street in Chinatown. I would never have noticed its existence because you see Red Bubble is tucked away underneath another shop so it's hard to see.

The day we went there wasn't much ventilation at the bubble tea shop, limited seats, and not much decor. The price is same as just about anywhere else. The service is regular - nothing extraordinary.

I've never tried rose tea before so decided to give it a shot. It was definitely different compared to other bubble teas I've had so far. It had a light, floral-like taste to it. I didn't really enjoy it too much after a few sips because of it's floral-like taste and I should have gotten it with tapioca or some type of topping. It was also a little too sweet for me. I should have customized the sweetness.

Red Bubble is similar to Kung Fu Tea in that they a…

Meaty Deliciousness at Big Wong

Big Wong
67 Mott Street New York, NY 10013

Will and I don't typically have dinner at small, old restaurants in Chinatown and we typically wouldn't eat this for dinner because it's more of a lunch than dinner.

I don't know what it was, but I had an intensive yearning for this and we ended up having it for dinner.  I didn't even bother to look at the menu when we arrived at Big Wong. I told Will what I wanted before I went to use the restroom and I returned 3-5 minutes later and there it was.

Yup, this was my dinner. I can't express to you how long and how much I've been craving for this simple yet harmonious dish.

The char-siu was moist, tender, and cooked to perfection. The duck seasoned just right and tender. I also had a fried egg and it was cooked exactly how I hoped it would be - over easy with a runny yolk hidden inside.

This dish satisfied me completely and I was happy and full afterwards. It was such a tasty dinner that I finished everyt…

Food Event: Japanese Gourmet Fair at Mitsuwa

595 River Road Edgewater, NJ 07020

It was about two weeks ago when a few friends, Will, and I went to Mitsuwa for the Japanese Gourmet Fair. We arrived on an early Saturday morning so we can get seats, grab food, and line up for the special ramen. And... as always at these events we can get a little too crazy with the food.

The special ramen that was served was the beef tongue ramen. There were two types availalble - beef tongue ramen with all toppings and a beef tongue ramen with just scallions. Will and I ordered the one with all toppings of course. I really and truly enjoyed the beef tongue ramen because it's unlike any other ramen I've had before.

I have had grilled beef tongue before and the texture was different from the beef tongue in the ramen. This beef tongue was soft and melts in your mouth. It's texture is the same as cooked pork liver, but softer. The noodles were different too. It wasn't wavy or straight, but it was just flat. The bro…

Local Dining: La Granja Peruana Restaurant

La Granja Peruana Restaurant
1928 Bath Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11214

While growing up and living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn for 23 years, never have I taken notice that there was a Peruvian restaurant just about 10-12 blocks from where I live.

A friend of mine - Dan, who also happens to be a foodie too told me about La Granja Peruana Restaurant and how they have awesome roasted chicken. I checked the place on Yelp and vowed to give it a shot one day since it is a local restaurant and I've never had Peruvian food before.

A girl friend of mine  from junior high school and I made plans to have dinner here. We met at La Granja Peruana Restaurant on a Thursday night and it was quite empty inside the restaurant. It was a quiet dinner with light background music. As for the decor, it needs to be fixed and enhanced.

So we had the following -

My friend Jenny ordered the Palta Rellena De Pollo (Half avocado stuffed with chicken and potato salad) as an appetizer. It wasn't plated …