Cocoron - A Tiny Noodle Shop Nestled in LES

61 Delancey Street New York, NY 10002

Earlier this month, Will and I met with our friends Alex and Samantha for a double date at Cocoron, a tiny soba noodle shop located in the Lower East Side in New York City.

The restaurant is small and can only sit about 8-12 people at max. We were seated at the bar when we had a view of the open kitchen.

We ordered four appetizers. Three of the appetizers had fish in it - (1) Shuto (Tuna liver) , (2) Salmon with minced daikon (don't remember the exact name of this) (3) Takowasabi (Octopus), and the last one was a grilled duck with blueberry jam.

I wasn't interested in the fish appetizers since the fish was raw and has that slimey texture. The grilled duck was amazing! It caught my eye and I knew instantly we had to order it. It was moist and went well with the blueberry jam.

Soba Tea
Our friends requested soba tea as our beverages. I've never had soba tea before so this was new and different experience for me. Surprisingly, I actually liked the tea . It had nice, soothing scent and taste to it.

Warm Japanese Style Curry Soba 
 This is Will's order. So, Will and I actually ended up getting the same order with two exceptions.

Warm Japanese Style Curry Soba
This was my bowl of curry soba, but with seaweed and a poached egg. I really enjoyed this bowl of hot, warm, and comforting curry and noodle goodness! I've never had soba in a soup before, but it was delightful. I was afraid it would be too spicy for me, but it turned out to be okay.

And... for dessert, we had

Annin Tofu & Coconut Milk with Frozen Berries

Our friends Alex & Sam got the Annin Tofu which is really just almond tofu. They shared a bit of it with us. It was smooth, silky, and not too sweet. I don't remember the exact price of this dessert, but it was somewhere around $5.00-$6.95 and quite frankly, I don't think the portion of this dessert was worth that price. It should at least be a decent portion.

Will and I ordered the Coconut milk with frozen berries and around the same price as the Annin tofu. The coconut milk with frozen berries was fantastic, but was super cold to eat. There was also some tapioca in it too. We had one or two brain freezes from the dessert. I love how simple this dessert was and how light and delicious it was.

So I'm glad we tried the original location first. I would love to try the second location as well which is not too far from this location. I really liked the food here. It's simple and truly Japanese comfort food. It was perfect.


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