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Dessert Time: OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.
75 East 4th Street New York, NY 10003

I found out about this little ice cream shop through Yelp, but didn't realize there was another location in Williamsburg too (I'll have to check that one out too).

After eating dinner in the Lower East Side at Cocoron, Will, my friends, and I decided to go to Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. for ice cream. It was smaller than I expected and there are no seats, except for the two benches outside the shop.

There were probably 10-12 ice cream flavors to choose from. I did research and knew that I definitely wanted to sample/try out - maple bacon pecan, passion fruit basil sorbet, and strawberry lavender sorbet. However, none of those flavors were available at the East Village - OddFellows.

I sampled the burnt marshmallow and Thai iced tea flavors. I really liked the Thai iced tea and Will sampled the Tahitian vanilla.

I really enjoyed the Thai Iced tea ice cream because it tasted like authentic Thai iced tea. It…

A Second Chance for Hong Kong Tea & Sushi

Hong Kong Tea & Sushi 2033 86th Street Brooklyn, NY 11214 718.265.7800
Last Summer, Will and I ate at Hong Kong Tea & Sushi with friends and I wasn't too happy during our last visit because of the poor service, but this time Will and I gave it a second chance and the service was quick and the food was up to par.
We came on a Saturday evening and it was packed. We waited 10-15 minutes for a table and while we were waiting, we already knew exactly what we wanted to order.
I sure do love a grass jelly and soy milk once in a while! The grass jelly and soy milk was refreshing and had a little bit of a coconut taste to it which I enjoyed.

Cocoron - A Tiny Noodle Shop Nestled in LES

61 Delancey Street New York, NY 10002

Earlier this month, Will and I met with our friends Alex and Samantha for a double date at Cocoron, a tiny soba noodle shop located in the Lower East Side in New York City.

The restaurant is small and can only sit about 8-12 people at max. We were seated at the bar when we had a view of the open kitchen.

We ordered four appetizers. Three of the appetizers had fish in it - (1) Shuto (Tuna liver) , (2) Salmon with minced daikon (don't remember the exact name of this) (3) Takowasabi (Octopus), and the last one was a grilled duck with blueberry jam.

I wasn't interested in the fish appetizers since the fish was raw and has that slimey texture. The grilled duck was amazing! It caught my eye and I knew instantly we had to order it. It was moist and went well with the blueberry jam.

Our friends requested soba tea as our beverages. I've never had soba tea before so this was new and different experience for me. Surprisingly…

Yemen Cafe - Something new and Something Different

Yemen Cafe
176 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201

On the very last day of my Dining Room class, we went to eat at a little, Middle Eastern restaurant located in the heart of Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn.

I've never really had Middle Eastern cuisine before so this was very new and different to me. There was 14-16 of us, so we had a family style for appetizers and salad and we ordered our own entrees.

At first, I thought this was a sauce for the pita bread we received, but it was actually a complimentary lamb soup. It had just the right amount of seasoning with a hint of spice and tasted similarly to curry.

This is the pita bread that they gave to us. It's similar to Roti Canai (Indian pancake). It has a bit of a crunch to it and tastes really well when dipped in the lamb soup.

The waiters also gave us a plate of hummus and Baba ghanoush which I absolutely loved because there's eggplant in it. It complements well with the pita bread.

This is one of t…

XO Taste - Not As I Expected It to Be

XO Taste
41 Elizabeth Street New York, NY 10013

Will and I have been to XO Taste before and quite frankly, we weren't too happy with the quality of food here. However, we decided to give it another shot since one night we happened to be in Chinatown and it was dinner time, I was craving for a baked rice or spaghetti dish.

The restaurant is very spacious and the layout is different from the other XO on Hester Street. Service was pretty quick for a Friday night.

This is the typical appetizer we order when we eat at XO Taste/XO Cafe. These dumplings had a nice shade of golden brown-ness and were slightly crunchy and filled with lots of meat and chives.

The sauce that was drizzled on the dumplings had a bit of sweetness to it and complemented really with the dumplings. The dumplings at XO Taste/XO Cafe never disappoint.

I loved baked chicken or baked anything dishes over rice or spaghetti at Hong Kong Style restaurants. I ordered the Baked Chicken over Cream Sauce with ri…

Sunday Morning Brunch at Green Eggs Cafe

Green Eggs Cafe
212 South 13th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

So before Will and I departed from Philadelphia, we made a stop at Green Eggs Cafe for brunch. We arrived around 10-10:30AM and there was about a 15 minute wait.

Green Eggs Cafe has been one of the brunch restaurants in Philadelphia that I've wanted to visit and that's how we ended up here. I really liked this restaurant and not just for the food, but because of the decor - very modern, clean, and simple.

If you don't know already by now, I am an absolute iced coffee addict! Can't live without it. I found it to be very interesting that at an American restaurant/cafe, there's Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

I decided to give it a shot just to see if it tasted the same as authentic Vietnamese iced coffee or better.

This was the result of mixing the Vietnamese coffee mix into the ice. The iced coffee was indeed refreshing, but didn't quite taste like Vietnamese iced coffee. It didn't have that s…

Dining at Penrose Diner - Not Exactly What We Expected

Penrose Diner
2016 Penrose Avenue Philadelphia, PA19145

Will and I revisited the Penrose Diner during our weekend trip to Philadelphia, because the first time we liked it so much that we decided to visit it again. However, it wasn't quite what I had anticipated it to be.

The diner is cozy and looks just like any typical diner. The diner is spacious and very comfortable to dine in.

We were greeted by the host and she brought us to our table. Our waitress wasn't friendly nor did she look particular happy. We ordered two entrees that both came with salad, soup, and a bread basket.

Will had the chicken noodle soup. It didn't look too appealing or tasty at all.

I didn't want a soup, so I got the garden salad instead and they really doubled up on the dressing. It was refreshing, light, and I enjoyed it.

I ordered the Chicken Marsala over rice. It looked appealing at first, but as I was taking a couple of bites I wasn't pleased with this dish at all. The chic…