Visiting the home of the World's Famous Submarines

White House Sub Shop
2301 Artic Avenue Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Will and I went on a three day weekend trip from Atlantic City to Philadelphia during my spring break. Our first stop at Atlantic City was White House Sub Shop "World Famous Submarines".

We've heard good things about this gem and couldn't wait to sink our teeth into the massive and juicy hero.

As we entered in White House, I felt a deep feeling of history because there's one side of the restaurant it's filled with picture after picture of celebrities, past diners that have ate here before.

Everyone here, locals and non-locals enjoyed their time here and the delicious sandwiches. The seats and tables felt a little worn out and small.

Whole Cheese Steak Submarine with Lettuce, Tomato, and Mushroom
We ordered the whole cheese steak submarine with lettuce, tomato, and mushroom. It was HUGE! One look at it and I was trying to figure out how would Will and I finish this giant size sandwich.

Packed with deliciousness
The sandwich was cut in quarters so Will and I had two pieces each. The cheese steak sandwich was packed with deliciousness! The roast beef was moist and tender. The mushrooms were canned and I wasn't too happy about that, but they did give a lot of mushrooms to us.

We were extremely stuffed from the sandwich. I kind of regret that we got a humongous sandwich because I did have trouble finishing my second piece.

There's a variety of sandwiches to choose from here and they aren't too expensive either. However, the sandwich lacked seasoning, a dash of salt would have helped.

I'm glad we finally tried White House and I definitely will return to White House Sub if I am ever in need of a submarine/sandwich fix in Atlantic City.


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