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Visiting the home of the World's Famous Submarines

White House Sub Shop
2301 Artic Avenue Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Will and I went on a three day weekend trip from Atlantic City to Philadelphia during my spring break. Our first stop at Atlantic City was White House Sub Shop "World Famous Submarines".

We've heard good things about this gem and couldn't wait to sink our teeth into the massive and juicy hero.

As we entered in White House, I felt a deep feeling of history because there's one side of the restaurant it's filled with picture after picture of celebrities, past diners that have ate here before.

Everyone here, locals and non-locals enjoyed their time here and the delicious sandwiches. The seats and tables felt a little worn out and small.

We ordered the whole cheese steak submarine with lettuce, tomato, and mushroom. It was HUGE! One look at it and I was trying to figure out how would Will and I finish this giant size sandwich.

The sandwich was cut in quarters so Will and I had two pieces e…

Another Chance as a Leader and Enjoying a Delicious Meal

I'm back from a small and temporary hiatus. It's been busy earlier this month with finals, practicals, final projects, and etc. I am happy to be back in my food blogging and restaurant reviewing grind.

 I've literally put a pause on Yelp reviews and blogging for about for 2-3 weeks, so yeah it's definitely good to be back and I do have a lot to share with you.

So on the last day of service in my Dining Room class, guess who was one of the captains that day? This girl here. It wasn't as difficult as the first time that I was captain. My partner and I were definitely more well prepared this time around and proactive in contacting other students from other classes about menu items.

I had a little trouble with the portion of wine we were serving. According to the professor, I was being a little too generous. However, I definitely felt a little more confident about being captain this time and it was a pleasant experience.

On our last day of service, this is the food we h…

Late Night Snacks and Chats at Just Sweet Dessert House

Just Sweet Dessert House
83 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10003

OMG! Can you believe that it's May already and next Sunday is Mother's Day? Time sure flies by fast. May means crunch time and elbow grease, lots of work to crank out. I just wanted to do an update on the blog before I am off to crunch time.

So after dinner at Lantern , one of my friends wanted to meet up with me, my boyfriend, and our other friends for dessert. I quickly did a search on Yelp and came up on this little dessert place called Just Sweet Dessert House in the East Village so that's where we went.

There's not much decor, very simple, and catered mostly to college students and the young crowds. I like that they close late. Just Sweet Dessert House doesn't do just desserts, they also serve savory items such as: hand-made dumplings, takoyaki, noodle soups, and a lot more.

So since we came here for dessert this is what we ordered:

Will ordered the Pink Romance Crepe ($7.00) which consiste…