Where Tradition Matters The Most at A-Wah II

A-Wah Restuarant II
48B Bowery Street New York, NY 10013

The restaurant that was formerly here was Yummy Noodles which was best known for their clay pot rices and comfort Chinese and Hong Kong dishes. I'm very glad to see that A-Wah II has carried on the tradition of serving clay pot rices.

The layout of the restaurant is still the same as Yummy Noodles except with new touches  and has a modernized, updated look to it. The servers are quick, friendly, and considerate as they will tell you that your clay pot is very hot and to be careful.

House Special Clay Pot Rice
We ordered the House Special Clay Pot Rice and it's filled with preserved duck, sausage, ground pork patty, and half-boiled egg. It was like a clay pot of meat and rice brought down from heaven.

The House Special Clay Pot Rice was seasoned and flavored just perfectly especially with all the fat juices from the preserved duck and the sausage. I didn't really like that there was a half-boiled egg because usually it's served with a fried egg with a slightly runny yolk.

So want to know what the second best part was? THIS is it. The treasure on the bottom - the crusty part, that's the best. A little sprinkle of salt on the crust and you've got yourself something crunchy and tasty.

Crispy Noodles with Three Kinds of Meat
We also ordered this dish. I saw a reviewer posted a picture of this dish on A-Wah II's Yelp and it intrigued me. It looked exquisite with vibrant colors popping out. The dish was okay, it was seasoned perfectly, but just really filling especially with the noodles and meats. The meats were ham, chicken, and Chinese sausage.

My boyfriend and I were really happy with the new look and the food. We will definitely be back since we sure do love a good pot of clay pot rice once in a while.


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