Saturday Afternoon Brunch with Teresa's Restaurant

Teresa's Restaurant
80 Montague Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Last year, Will and I tried out Teresa's Restaurant and we weren't sure if we would return because the food was mediocre. However, since Will works a few blocks from Teresa's and gave it another shot; he was positive that the food quality has improved so I took his word for it and we revisited it.

We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed! Luckily the wait wasn't long at all. We got seated within 5-10 minutes. We ended up ordering from their Saturday - Breakfast Special Menu and it includes: an entree, a soup or a salad, and a cocktail for a set price. 

We went mid-March and it was still very chilly outside so we decided to order soups. I ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup and Will ordered the Mushroom Barley Soup

The chicken noodle soup tasted like real, authentic chicken noodle soup. There were actually noodles in there not like the ones you see from the cans that look like a piece of dough. The mushroom barley soup was amazing and seasoned just right. Both soups were really tasty and well made.

Fried Pierogies
We ordered Fried Pierogies as our appetizer. There was a cheese, potato, meat, and sauerkraut with mushroom pierogies. I really enjoyed the sauerkraut mushroom pierogie because I've never had sauerkraut before and for some reason I thought I would hate it, but this was the best pierogie out of the bunch and it was the tastiest. 
Garden Omelette with Sliced Tomatoes & Bread
For my entree, I had the Garden Omelette with Sliced Tomatoes & Bread. I ordered the sliced tomatoes instead of home fries which wasn't a great choice because the tomatoes were soft and I usually like home fries with my brunch. The garden omelette was just vegetables and cheddar cheese blended. I wasn't a fan of this omelette because to me it felt very bland and plain. 

Poached Chicken Sandwich with Fries
Will said Teresa's Restaurant has really great chicken sandwiches. He usually orders a grilled chicken sandwich, but this time he ordered the Poached Chicken Sandwich with Fries. Will gave me half of his sandwich and I honestly didn't know where to begin since it was massive.

I really liked the sandwich. The bread was toasted perfectly and has a nice crunch and taste to it. I've never had poached chicken in a sandwich before, so this was definitely different, but a good different and is healthier. I absolutely love that there was pesto used as a spread for the sandwich. It added some nice flavors and herb-like taste to the sandwich.

So I really liked the food this time at Teresa's despite the bland omelette I had. Everything else was splendid and our waitress was really friendly and gave us recommendations. I can definitely see us returning here in the near future. The quality of the food has really stepped up this time.


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