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Fine Dining High In The Sky

80 Columbus Circle, #35 New York, NY 10023

Asiate is one of New York City's most finest and beautiful restaurant. It's located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in the heart of Columbus Circle. It's been voted as New York City's #1 for decor and one of the restaurants rated as world's best view.

It's not every day that Will and I go fine dining. We frequently eat at mom and pop restaurants or hole in the wall restaurants. However, earlier this month Will and I had a great opportunity to dine at Asiate.

I chose Asiate for a project I am working on for my Dining room class because of the great reviews I've read from Zagat, New York Times, and because of the beautiful views I heard this restaurant offers.

Will and I actually did get lost trying to find the Mandarin Oriental hotel even with our smart phones, so we had to ask a stranger where it was and he pointed us into the right direction. Our reservation was for 12PM, but brunch began at 11:…

Dinner at Lantern Thai Kitchen

Lantern Thai Kitchen
311 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003

One of my dear friends is departing from New York soon because she has been accepted with another company and will be spending two months training in Georgia.

Will and I weren't sure when we would see her so we went out for dinner and I personally invite a few friends as a surprise to her. She wanted Thai food, so I decided on Lantern Thai Kitchen. Will and I have been to Lantern before for his birthday and liked it very much.

I like the ambiance at Lantern during the evening because it's dim, it's dark, and it's intimate. The restaurant isn't that spacious and only ideal for a date and a small group dinner.

For appetizer we decided on a tasting menu so we can try different appetizers. For the tasting menu we were only limited to a choice of three appetizers so we chose were the summer rolls, curry puff, and crispy calamari.

The summer rolls were more for Will since he's been sick and technica…

Weekday Lunch: Roast Beef Sandwich from Brooklyn Fare

Happy Easter everyone! Will and I have just returned from our three day weekend trip in Atlantic City & Philadelphia and yes we tried a lot of food. Some were good and some were not so good, but I will be blogging about these experiences in days and weeks to come. Now that we're back from our weekend trip and my Spring break will end after Wednesday, it's time to spring forward and get fit and catch up on work.

I would like to share with you a delicious lunch I had at work about two weeks ago that I picked up from Brooklyn Fare located in Downtown, Brooklyn.

One of the hardest decisions to make during a work day is what to eat for lunch/ It's been a long time since I've been to Brooklyn Fare, so I decided to take a walk there from my office and see what was new. The roast beef sandwich caught my eye so that's what I picked, but without the bacon.

This is half of my Roast Beef Sandwich and it was NOM-TASTIC! The sandwich was excellent! Everything really came tog…

Saturday Afternoon Brunch with Teresa's Restaurant

Teresa's Restaurant
80 Montague Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Last year, Will and I tried out Teresa's Restaurant and we weren't sure if we would return because the food was mediocre. However, since Will works a few blocks from Teresa's and gave it another shot; he was positive that the food quality has improved so I took his word for it and we revisited it.

We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed! Luckily the wait wasn't long at all. We got seated within 5-10 minutes. We ended up ordering from their Saturday - Breakfast Special Menu and it includes: an entree, a soup or a salad, and a cocktail for a set price. 

We went mid-March and it was still very chilly outside so we decided to order soups. I ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup and Will ordered the Mushroom Barley Soup

The chicken noodle soup tasted like real, authentic chicken noodle soup. There were actually noodles in there not like the ones you see from the cans that look like a piece of doug…

Where Tradition Matters The Most at A-Wah II

A-Wah Restuarant II
48B Bowery Street New York, NY 10013

The restaurant that was formerly here was Yummy Noodles which was best known for their clay pot rices and comfort Chinese and Hong Kong dishes. I'm very glad to see that A-Wah II has carried on the tradition of serving clay pot rices.

The layout of the restaurant is still the same as Yummy Noodles except with new touches  and has a modernized, updated look to it. The servers are quick, friendly, and considerate as they will tell you that your clay pot is very hot and to be careful.

We ordered the House Special Clay Pot Rice and it's filled with preserved duck, sausage, ground pork patty, and half-boiled egg. It was like a clay pot of meat and rice brought down from heaven.

The House Special Clay Pot Rice was seasoned and flavored just perfectly especially with all the fat juices from the preserved duck and the sausage. I didn't really like that there was a half-boiled egg because usually it's served …

Ramen Quest: Kambi Ramen House

Kambi Ramen House
351 East 14th Street New York, NY 10003

So Will and I have tried almost every ramen restaurant along the East Village except for a few. I've been contemplating whether to try Kambi Ramen for a while and we finally tried it out.

We arrived around 8:30-9PM on a Friday night and it was packed. It took about 8-10 minutes before we were seated.

Two seats opened up by the bar so we were sat there. I wanted to sit at a regular table with regular chairs, but this was fine because we actually got to see all the action that took place and the production. It was quite exciting actually.

We ordered and tried the Homemade Pork Gyoza ($5.25) first. It was actually pork and vegetable gyoza. The gyoza was pan-fried to perfection.  It was juicy and seasoned just right.

I ordered the Pork Broth - Shoyu Ramen ($10.50). The noodles that were recommended for this was the thick noodles so that's exactly what I got. The pork broth was hearty and thick. The pork was exc…

Sweet Treat: Peanut Mochi

I normally don't review products I have bought or tried, but after trying this particular snack I just have to share it with you.

A few weeks ago Will and I were shopping at a Chinese Supermarket when I stumbled upon this:

Now I am not a particular fan of mochi and I think it may be because I haven't found one that I actually love until recently.

When I saw this I knew I had to buy it because I love just about any treat that's peanut flavored.
It sure looks like a chicken nugget, doesn't it? The peanut mochi was moist and sponge-like as mochi should be. It was a little too sweet. The peanut mochi was just okay. It wasn't excellent, but it didn't taste horrible at all. There wasn't enough peanut butter in my opinion.

Would I buy this mochi again? Probably not because I haven't found a mochi that I am deeply in love with nor am I a super fan of mochi. It's just not really my cup of tea.