Ramen Quest: Dassara Brooklyn Ramen

Dassara Brooklyn Ramen
271 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

Will and I had a double date at Dassara Brooklyn Ramen with our two friends Alex & Samantha earlier this week on Tuesday to be specific.

This mid-sized ramen restaurant is located in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. It's actually very spacious compared to other ramen shops I've been to. I liked the ambiance because it's relaxing, cozy,
and the music was perfect.

Our waiter was extremely friendly and took the time to explain the specials which did intrigue us. We ordered three appetizers to share, warm sake, and four bowls of ramen.

Tebasaki Chicken Wings
Our first appetizer was the Tebasaki chicken wings which was marinated with garlic and twice-fried with a black pepper seasoning.

There were two dipping sauces that accompanied the chicken wings which were honey mustard and the second one I am unclear of.

The chicken wings were fried to perfection! It was hot and the skin was really crispy and a tad spicy. The meat was really moist and tender. This appetizer was okay, but nothing too special.

Steamed Pork Buns
I've heard good reviews about the steamed pork buns, so without any hesitation we ordered the steamed pork buns which was UN-BUN-LIEVABLY delicious! I mean it.

The piece of pork was huge, packed with the right amount of seasoning and juicy! I tasted a little cumin in the pork. The bun was soft, sweet,  and savory and just really tasty. I would recommend this menu item if you try out Dassara Brooklyn Ramen.

Ramen burger 
The wait was over because we finally tried the ramen burger. That delicious piece of heaven (pork) returned and it was still as tasty and packed with flavor like in our buns.

I wasn't disappointed with the ramen burger, but I felt it could have been better. The beef patty lacked seasoning and the ramen (bun) was sponge-like and could have used a little salt and pepper too. There was a small potato salad that was accompanied with the ramen burger and it was tasty.

Lamb Ramen
Prior to coming to Dassara Brooklyn Ramen, I initially wanted the mushroom ramen, but instead decided to order the lamb ramen. I figured since it was a cold day, why not warm up with a bowl of lamb broth and all that good stuff?

I really liked the broth because it was rich with lamb flavor and not to mention, it was thick. The braised lamb belly was tender, but I didn't really like the taste of it. It had a funky taste to it.

The lamb ramen was accompanied with scallion, deep-fried seaweed, bamboo shoots,  and bean sprouts. The poached egg was cooked just right and the noodles were wavy and light.

Xi'an Ramen
Our friend Samantha has a love for spicy foods and it's been cold earlier this week so better reason to eat spicy foods.

In my opinion, our ramen are similiar because the Xi'an ramen contains lamb broth, tingly cumin lamb, sausage, cilantro, and a soft-poached egg like mine. The only exceptions are that the Xi'an ramen contains chili oil and the lamb broth is spicy.

Roasted duck ramen
Will and Alex ordered the roasted duck ramen which was a special menu item. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the broth.

Will gave me a piece of his roasted duck to try and it was amazing! It had that nice char taste to it and it was really moist and delectable! The roasted duck reminded me of the cherrywood-smoked duck we had at Basta Pasta. If and when we return back to Dassara, I am going to get the roasted duck ramen for sure.

Dassara Brooklyn Ramen isn't the typical ramen shop that we're used to and it's good because it's different. The tastes, the presentation, and the style of cooking is different. I actually enjoyed the ramen and the food because of it's difference from the ramen that I am used to.

Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Likelihood to Return: 80%


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