Our Dinner at Sunway Cafe

Sunway Cafe
3907 Prince Street Flushing, NY 1354

Will and I have been venturing out to Queens more than usual mostly because we have found a quiet place to work - Barnes & Noble in Fresh Meadows, Queens.

During one of our visits in Queens, Will and I had a late dinner at Sunway Cafe. I really, really like that the restaurant is spacious  and the high ceilings. It's a very laid back and cozy restaurant to dine in. I also like that their menu is mostly Hong Kong Style dishes and beverages.

Sunway Appetizer Sampler for Two
So Will and I ordered the Sunway appetizer sampler for two ($8.95) which we later regretted. Everything was deep-fried. The spring rolls had vermicelli, mushroom, celery, and carrot. The chicken wings were very small. The fried wontons were actually tasty, filled with crabmeat and cheese. Yum!

 Lastly, there was a shrimp roll with mango filling. It had a bit of sweetness to it from the mango filling, but wasn't too anything special. I don't think we'll be ordering this appetizer again.

Assorted Mushroom Fried Rice
Honestly, I didn't know what to order for dinner so I stuck with the assorted mushroom fried rice ($8.95). It wasn't anything too special but I did like the assortment of mushrooms. It lacked seasoning. A little salt and black pepper would have helped.

Deluxe Shrimp & Chicken Fried Rice
Will ordered the deluxe shrimp & chicken fried rice ($10.95). I like that the side with the chicken was a little tangy and sweet while the side with the shrimp was light and savory. The shrimps were plump and delicious. This fried rice dish was seasoned just right and I love that the rice was drenched with sauce.

Papaya Tapioca
For dessert we had the papaya tapioca ($3.95). In my opinion, it was a little expensive and there wasn't enough papaya inside the dessert. It tasted mediocre, not as good as the tapioca you would have at home.

For the most part I like Sunway Cafe and enjoyed a relaxing dinner here. Next time, I will order an entree with a little more substance and not so original. Next time, I hope Will and I will be a little more adventurous in trying different dishes.


  1. Oh, the Deluxe Fried Rice looks so good! I haven't had that in ages.

    1. The Deluxe Fried Rice was very good. My boyfriend made a good decision on ordering that.


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