Late Dinner at Coach House Restaurant

Coach House Restaurant
921 Kennedy Boulevard North Bergen, NJ 07047

After spending half of the day on stocking up on groceries and shopping at the mall in New Jersey, Will and I were starving and decided to revisit a restaurant/diner that we've been to a few times before.

Coach House is a restaurant and a diner, but the ambiance doesn't make it feel or seem like a diner and it doesn't have the typical diner decor There's plenty of parking available. The vibe at Coach House felt a little off this time. After one of the managers brought us to our table, it took a 5-8 minutes before our water hit the table and our waiter came by to take our order.

So after our orders were taken we went to the salad bar. One of the reasons why I like this restaurant/diner is because they have their own salad bar and it's unlimited too! You can mix and match with any of the items in the bar.

My Salad
There's an array of foods, salads, and dressings at the salad bar.

Our bread basket
Lemon Chicken
Will ordered the Lemon Chicken with brown rice. Lemon chicken is similar to the Chicken Francese with one exception. Lemon chicken has a white wine in it and Chicken Francese doesn't. We have a theory that the chefs may have change because the sauce doesn't taste as good as it used to and the rice felt hard.

Chicken Francese
I ordered the Chicken Francese over rice. The sauce was very creamy, but had a somewhat strong flavor to it. A small section of my rice was hard and cold too.

Our waiter didn't seem happy nor attentive throughout our experience here. When he brought our dinner out I heard one of our plates was slightly banged against the table and based on the many dining experiences I've had, a plate should never make that sound when it hits the table.

Will and I really like Coach House and even though we've had a not-so-great experience here we will still continue to come to Coach House once in a while. Hopefully the service will improve soon because we weren't too happy with the service our waiter provided.


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