Lunar New Year Celebration

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Hope the first day of your lunar new year was awesome! Lunar New Year is probably one of my favorite time of the year because of all the warm, bright, cheerful colors and festivities that take place.

In addition, there's just a lot of delicious foods to eat. I wish I took a picture of every food that we eat or make for lunar new year, but didn't have a chance.

Lunar New Year Eve's Dinner
On the night before Chinese New Year, most families have a huge feast. I always look forward to this meal because it's a huge feast and somehow every year when my mom cooks this feast - everything is consistent and always tastes the same, if not better each year. It was just my parents, me, and my sister so there were leftovers enough to last us for 2-4 days.

This feast consists of the following dishes: steamed chicken, vermicelli, stir-fried vegetables with squid, crispy roast pork, shrimp, mushrooms/lotus/red dates/tofu skin (soup solids), and pan-fried fish. Everything truly delicious and savory!

Good Luck candy, oranges, and flowers
Yau Gok
Last week on Chinese New Year - my dad, sister, and I spent 2-3 hours in the kitchen folding these yummy, crispy, and sweet fried dumplings. These aren't your typical dumplings because they are sweet and filled with shredded coconut, brown sugar, sesame seeds, and crushed peanuts. Super crispy, crunchy, and sweet!

How was your Lunar New Year? What special foods did you eat?


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