Friday Afternoon Lunch at Hill Country Chicken

Hill Country Chicken
345 Adams Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hill Country Chicken is one of the newest additions to the restaurant row at 345 Adams Street in Downtown Brooklyn. It's situated next to it's sister restaurant Hill Country Barbecue Kitchen.

It's really bright and inviting in Hill Country Chicken. The staff are very friendly and happy to assist customers. Very spacious and comfortable seating.

About two or three weeks ago, Will and I came to Hill Country Chicken for lunch. We ordered two pieces of chicken each and two sides to share.

Our meal
Fried Chicken
I haven't had fried chicken in such a long time. The fried chicken from Hill Country Chicken was slightly different from the fried chicken I've had before. It was fried to perfection, crispy, and crunchy. The taste was slightly different. As I took my first bite into the fried chicken (drumsticks), I detected a little sweetness in the batter that was used to fry the chicken. It was different. The meat was smoking hot, moist and tender.

Pimento Mac-N-Cheese
I ordered the pimento mac-n-cheese and somehow I thought it would have a kick of spiceyness in it, but it didn't. I don't think there was anything quite special about this appetizer. It could have used a pinch of pepper for a little spicyness.

Cheesy Fried Mashed Potatoes 
Will ordered the cheesy fried mashed potatoes. This side order wasn't anything too special, but I think it would taste a lot better if there were a bits and pieces of bacon. What do you think?

Salted Margarita Pie
For dessert, I picked up and brought back to the office a salted margarita pie. It's a miniature pie. The crust was buttery and flaky, but I wasn't really liking the salted margarita itself because in my opinion, it was a little tart to the point I couldn't really finish it I think it would have tasted better if it wasn't too sour.

The experience at Hill Country Chicken was well. We didn't feel rushed and we actually enjoyed our small lunch. There really wasn't any food that popped out at me. I haven't been back for almost a month, but will definitely go back to Hill Country Chicken at some point in the future.


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