Restaurant Review: BK Sushi

BK Sushi
6916 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204

A friend of mine told me that a new All-You-Can-Eat sushi spot was opening up in our neighborhood and we agreed to try it out when it opened. Although, I typically don't like to try restaurants after it's grand opening, I became very tempted to try it because a few of my friends and I are sushi nuts and so we gave in.

We went on a Saturday evening and I had made early reservations so we would get a table without a long wait. When we arrived at the time of our reservation, they didn't have a table ready for us and we had to wait about 10 minutes.

We ordered a lot of sushi and unfortunately, I don't remember all of the names of the sushi rolls.

Seaweed Salad
Seaweed salad is a very basic, Japanese salad. It was crunchy, tasty, nothing too special. The portion size for the salad was a little too small.

Sushi Rolls
These were a few plates of the sushi rolls we ordered. Some of them were special rolls and some of them were just basic rolls. They all tasted fine, except the rice felt a little hard.

Sushi & Sashimi
I didn't try the sashimi since I am not a huge fan of raw fish. The tuna looked oddly pink. The Philadelphia roll (in first picture on top) looked great, but it's different. I've never had it fried so this was definitely a different experience. I didn't like that they put a whole chunk of cream cheese in the roll.

Crab Meat Ravioli
I wanted to try the crab meat ravioli, but sad to say it wasn't great or what I anticipated for it to be. I didn't like that they added the spicy mayo. I've heard a lot of good things about the crab meat ravioli, but with the spicyness of the mayo, it was a bummer I couldn't enjoy or try it.

In my opinion, I felt the sushi was mediocre. The salmon and chicken teriyaki we had ordered earlier in our dinner was delicious and so was the kani salad. We ordered three rounds of food and the service was a little slow.

I understand BK sushi is relatively new and restaurants can be slow when they first open, but they need to be able to keep up with orders especially when there's a lot of customers.

Will I be back? Maybe not. I forgot to mention that the price for dinner is a little expensive: $18.95. You can really get amazing and better quality food at Sake (another All-You-Can-Eat sushi restaurant) located in the neighborhood.


  1. That tuna does look strangely bright but it could also be the camera or my computer monitor. Other than that, it seems to be standard Japanese fare. $18.95 isn't a lot of money if you can really eat sushi. I mean, if you can eat more than two of the specialty rolls, it's a good price. (At least it is in my neck of the woods.)


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