Ramen Quest: Santouka Ramen

Mitsuwa Market Place
595 River Road Edgewater, NJ 07020

So, there's a little ramen shop situated inside Mitsuwa in Edgewater, New Jersey that's called Santouka Ramen. It's actually the very first place I had my first ever taste of real, legit ramen!

On our (me & Will) most recent visits to Mitsuwa, we've been coming to Santouka for dinner. I thought the line for Santouka during noon time was nuts, but it's nuts during the evening hours too. Will waited on line for almost 15-20 minutes and the wait for our ramen was 20-25 minutes.

Toroniku Ramen
Will ordered the Toroniku-Ramen which is one of Santouka's signature ramen. The toppings are suppose to be served separately, but I think because it closes at 9PM, they saved time by leaving the toppings with the ramen.

The cha-shu that was in the Toroniku-Ramen is a simmered pork cheek meat. Very rich flavor and tender! I actually really enjoyed the Toroniku-Ramen because it was savory, rich with flavor, and harmonious!

Sake Ikura Rice Bowl
Since Will ordered a meal set, it came along with a Sake Ikura Rice Bowl which is really just bits of salmon and caviar served over Japanese white rice. The rice isn't the same consistency like Chinese or American rice. Japanese rice is a slightly stickier.

I've never had the sake ikura rice bowl, but it was really good! We mixed the salmon and caviar really well with the rice and it was delicious. There was no seasoning, salt, or sweetness to it. It had a slight buttery taste to it. So nice that even with slightly or no seasoning, a bowl of rice with salmon and caviar is still oh-so-yummy!

Miso Ramen
I decided to go with something so original, something I've had before - Miso Ramen. The miso ramen broth is made from a mixture of pork broth and a rich miso paste. The Miso Ramen sure was a lot saltier than before. The noodles felt a little overcooked. I wasn't a complete fan of the miso ramen.

Overall, I enjoyed our casual dining experience at Mitsuwa and with Santouka ramen. Will and I tend to always come back to Santouka ramen a lot, maybe it's time to change it up a bit. Since I didn't really enjoy my miso ramen and it was too salty, we're actually taking a ramen break for now even though ramen is one of the best food to have in this frigid weather.

Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Likelihood to return: 80%


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