A Bite of Thanksgiving in December

Earl Of Sandwiches
1750 E Buena Vista Dr Orlando, FL 32830

So, Will and I recently returned with his family from Florida and on our last day in Orlando, we stopped by Downtown Disney. A friend of mine recommended us to try Earl of Sandwiches, so we did.

It reminds me of Potbelly because they are similar in product and pricing. First, you order what you want and then you pay for your order, and are given a buzzer and when your food is ready, the device would buzz.

At first I wanted to try the Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich because it's a combination of grilled chicken, ham, Swiss, pineapple, and sweet and delicious Hawaiian barbecue sauce. However, I decided on something else, something much more tastier.

Holiday Turkey
The description of the Holiday Turkey sandwich sounded so tempting and I gave into the temptation and ordered it. The Holiday Turkey had the basic foods/ingredients you would eat on Thanksgiving - turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. The sandwich only cost: $5.99! Yep, only $5.99. This was by far the cheapest lunch I've had since staying at Disney for 5-7 days. 

This was by far the BEST sandwich I've ever had! The bread was crunchy and moist. The turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and stuffing was excellent! I've never tasted such a delicious sandwich before. Every bite of it was absolutely heaven and a reminder of Thanksgiving! I guess the better phrase I should use was that this sandwich was out of this world! 

I dream about this sandwich now because it was that good. I recently learned that there is an Earl of Sandwiches in New York City, and I am looking forward to trying it out with Will. If and when we do try it out, I can guarantee you we will be writing about our experience and amazing sandwiches we will have. 


  1. Well, that looks like a delightful sandwich! I've visited a location in Vegas at Planet Hollywood. They indeed do have delicious sandwiches, I tried "The Best BLT" and it was quite delicious.

    1. Thanks Connie! What did you think of the "The Best BLT"? I wish they had more Earl of Sandwiches location in New York City because there's not too many great sandwich places in New York City.


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