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All Access to Food - Round 2

Barclays Center
620 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Will and I made a crazy decision again. We went out not only on yet another cold day this month, but during the snowstorm where we were suppose to be hit with 10-14 inches. We went to go watch the Nets vs. Orlando Magic last Tuesday. Yep, it was cold and we were nuts. Don't worry we didn't stay the whole game and we did get home safe.

Any way, we had all access pass again - so you know what that means.

We've been to Fatty Cue before at Barclays, but decided to revisit because I wanted their amazing mac-n-cheese, specifically the brisket mac-n-cheese. Will ordered the smoked brisket banh mi, but I didn't try it because all I wanted was the brisket mac-n-cheese and absolutely nothing else.

It looks like Fatty Cue changed it up a bit because when I first had their brisket mac-n-cheese, there was no chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, and scallions. These three new elements do make the mac-n-cheese more inv…

Ramen Quest: Santouka Ramen

Mitsuwa Market Place
595 River Road Edgewater, NJ 07020

So, there's a little ramen shop situated inside Mitsuwa in Edgewater, New Jersey that's called Santouka Ramen. It's actually the very first place I had my first ever taste of real, legit ramen!

On our (me & Will) most recent visits to Mitsuwa, we've been coming to Santouka for dinner. I thought the line for Santouka during noon time was nuts, but it's nuts during the evening hours too. Will waited on line for almost 15-20 minutes and the wait for our ramen was 20-25 minutes.

Will ordered the Toroniku-Ramen which is one of Santouka's signature ramen. The toppings are suppose to be served separately, but I think because it closes at 9PM, they saved time by leaving the toppings with the ramen.

The cha-shu that was in the Toroniku-Ramen is a simmered pork cheek meat. Very rich flavor and tender! I actually really enjoyed the Toroniku-Ramen because it was savory, rich with flavor, and harmoniou…

Restaurant Review: Chat-n-Chew

10 East 16th Street New York, NY 10003

Earlier this month, I had brunch with one of my best friends Diane and we did a little shopping. Since we were in the Union Square area, I thought we could revisit a restaurant I haven't been to in the longest time.

Chat-n-Chew sure looks a lot roomier and has more tables/seating since I have last been here. The restaurant smelled extremely musty and the wooden floors were dirty and old. Restrooms weren't properly maintained. When we arrived, the restaurant wasn't crowded at all. There was only three or four tables filled with customers.

Our waitress was friendly and so was the staff. We ordered our food and within 10 minutes it arrived.

This is one of my best friend Diane. She ordered the Eat It & Beat! Breakfast Special with a hand-cut smoked bacon ($11.00). It was a very simple breakfast - two eggs (any style), home fries, and toast. I love how full Diane's dish was and it looks like she got what sh…

3rd Year Anniversary Dinner at Basta Pasta

Basta Pasta
37 West 17th Street New York, NY 10011

On January 7th, 2014 which was possibly the coldest day of the year, Will and I celebrated our third year anniversary at Basta Pasta. I was excited because I have been wanting to come to this restaurant for a long time since I've heard a lot of good things about it.

I envisioned the restaurant to be dim and elegant, but it was bright, warm, and modern. I love the nice, open kitchen because you can see all the chefs working and cooking. I also liked how when we arrived, a gentleman took our coats to hang in the back so we can eat more comfortably.

We should have gotten a little bubbly to celebrate, but instead we had sparkling water from Italy.
I like the assortment of bread and breadsticks we received. They were all different textures, sizes, and taste. The plate of the two slices of bread was complimentary and they were spread with blue cheese. I'm really not a fan of blue cheese because of the smell and looks, b…

Ramen Takumi - I Really Wanted to Like You This Time, But Couldn't

Ramen Takumi
1 University Place New York, NY 10003

Ramen Takumi used to be one of my favorite go-to spots for a good bowl of ramen until my recent visit last year.

I was told by my sister that Ramen Takumi moved to a new and bigger location, so one chilly Saturday evening - Will, three of our friends, and I popped in for a visit and to have their ramen for dinner.

It's great that the new location is on a corner because it will attract a lot more customers and it's close to NYU, so a lot of students would be coming here. The space is a lot bigger and roomier for sure. There's a lot more tables and seating area than the original location. However, the vibe didn't feel as cozy as the original location. While we were making our way to our table, there was this heavy deep-fried, artery-clogging scent lingering in the restaurant - what a turn off! It made my hair stink.

The menu expanded. There's a lot more options for appetizers and they even have sushi now…

A Bite of Thanksgiving in December

Earl Of Sandwiches
1750 E Buena Vista Dr Orlando, FL 32830

So, Will and I recently returned with his family from Florida and on our last day in Orlando, we stopped by Downtown Disney. A friend of mine recommended us to try Earl of Sandwiches, so we did.

It reminds me of Potbelly because they are similar in product and pricing. First, you order what you want and then you pay for your order, and are given a buzzer and when your food is ready, the device would buzz.

At first I wanted to try the Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich because it's a combination of grilled chicken, ham, Swiss, pineapple, and sweet and delicious Hawaiian barbecue sauce. However, I decided on something else, something much more tastier.
The description of the Holiday Turkey sandwich sounded so tempting and I gave into the temptation and ordered it. The Holiday Turkey had the basic foods/ingredients you would eat on Thanksgiving - turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. The sandwich only cost: $5.99! Yep, only $5.99.…

Catching Up and Double Date Brunch at The Smith

The Smith
55 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10003

After trying out Jane for our friend Alex's birthday brunch, I knew instantly that I would want to try Jane's sister restaurant The Smith too. Luckily last month Alex, Samantha, Will, and I met for brunch at The Smith.

Unfortunately, we picked a chaotic day to do it because you see, the day we chose was December 14, 2013 and on this day, SantaCon took place and a tremendous amount of snow hit The Big Apple, but we managed to have a successful and great brunch together. Luckily, Sam made reservations ahead of time and we were seated after arriving for ten minutes.

The ambiance and decor is different from Jane. It's slightly dimmer, crowded, and not as cozy as Jane.

We started off with drinks. I ordered one of their housemade sodas: cucumber ginger ale. The cucumber ginger ale is different, but a good different. I really liked my drink especially because it had slices of lime which made the cucumber ginger ale super ref…

Restaurant Review: BK Sushi

BK Sushi
6916 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204

A friend of mine told me that a new All-You-Can-Eat sushi spot was opening up in our neighborhood and we agreed to try it out when it opened. Although, I typically don't like to try restaurants after it's grand opening, I became very tempted to try it because a few of my friends and I are sushi nuts and so we gave in.

We went on a Saturday evening and I had made early reservations so we would get a table without a long wait. When we arrived at the time of our reservation, they didn't have a table ready for us and we had to wait about 10 minutes.

We ordered a lot of sushi and unfortunately, I don't remember all of the names of the sushi rolls.

Seaweed salad is a very basic, Japanese salad. It was crunchy, tasty, nothing too special. The portion size for the salad was a little too small.

These were a few plates of the sushi rolls we ordered. Some of them were special rolls and some of them were just basic rolls. T…

The Best Things We Ever Ate in 2013

Happy New Year to our fellow foodies!

2013 was a great year and I had the opportunity to try a lot of different foods and drinks with my boyfriend, my family, and friends. It's been a true bonding experience and unforgettable and exploding flavors.

I would like to share with you the top and best of 13 things we've eaten in 2013 and where you can find it.

Please note: These food/dishes aren't in a specific order.

Country Ham Biscuit ($9.00) from Egg - Earlier this year, Will and I had a double date brunch with our friends Samantha and Alex. I've never had grits before, but I've heard a lot of good things about it. At first it looked almost like mashed potatoes. I really enjoyed the grits. It was soft in texture and the amount of cheese that was used was perfect! It was very filling and truly tasty.

Chocolate Macaron from Dana's Bakery - One of my besties Diane works at Dana's Bakery and during the Summer, she presented me with some macarons she made for Will a…