Ramen Quest: Ramen-Ya

181 West 4th Street New York, NY 10014

Last month, Will and I came to Ramen-Ya with our friend Robert to have a belated birthday dinner with him. It started getting a lot chillier last month and Robert was craving for something hot and soupy and I told him about Ramen-Ya and it was on my list of restaurants to try, and  he agreed to try it as well.

There's not much special decor at Ramen-Ya. Tables and seats are limited and space is tight. I don't recommend having a group dinner here at all.

We ordered two appetizers and three bowls of ramen.

Kurobota Sausage with Mustard
Our first appetizer was the kurobota sausage with mustard. I wasn't planning to order this for our appetizer, but our friend Robert wanted to order this. The sausage tasted just like a hot dog and was slightly charred. The sausages wasn't anything too unique

Pork Gyoza
Gyoza is a must get whenever we order ramen! We ordered the pork gyoza. The pork gyoza was tasty, but the bottom part of the gyoza wasn't crunchy or crispy.

Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen
I ordered the Shoyu Tonkotsu ramen and I must admit this was seriously one of the best ramen I've ever had. The noodles itself was thin, reminds me of the one I had at Ippudo NY. I was very impressed with the broth because it was flavorful, thick, and didn't feel greasy at all. The cha-siu was thinly sliced and tasty. Everything came together and was especially delicious.

Shio Black with Chicken Broth
Will ordered the Shio Black with Chicken Broth. I don't think we've had ramen before with chicken broth, so this was interesting. We were actually impressed with the broth! It was flavorful and hearty! The Shio Black wasn't bad, but I liked my ramen more.

Our friend Robert had the Shio Ramen with the Pork Broth. It's similar to Will's ramen. The Shio Ramen with Pork Broth was tasty too.

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality and taste of the ramen. Very hearty and delicious! Will I be back? Absolutely. Ramen-Ya may be small in size, but the food packs a lot of flavor and savoryness!

Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
Taste: 5/5
Likelihood to Return: 90%


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