All Access to Food at Barclays Center

Barclays Center
620 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Will and I recently visited the Barclays Center since we had tickets for a Nets game, but also for the food. All Access Passes for the win! This was our third time this year inside the arena.

Since we had all access passes, we were able to eat pretty much anything we wanted. We already tried a few food spots at the Barclays back in February 2013, so this time we decided to try other places.

Lobster Monsters
We started off with the Lobster Monsters from WFAN Boomer & Carlton Kitchen. I asked for no cherry pop peppers, but apparently the staff didn't listen. The lobster monsters were super spicy with the cherry pop peppers. I couldn't handle the danger, so I picked out all the lobster which was really tasty!

Brooklyn Cheeseburgers
Next, we decided to try out the cheeseburgers from Brooklyn Burger and got a side of fries and a drink with it too.

The burger was juicy and delicious. Although, I wished they asked us how would we like it cook? I don't like it when my beef is overcooked. The fries were good.

Mexican Corn
I haven't had Mexican corn since the Wildwood trip with our friends. I was so excited to see that Habana had Mexican corn. Will and I got two Mexican corns, one for each of us.

His had more chili powder on it. The Mexican corn was truly delicious and was great, but I think the one our friend Samantha made for us in Wildwood was a lot tastier and top notch.

There's a heck lot of food at Barclays Center. I've been to Barclays three times already and the food and the service never disappoints. If you haven't been to Barclays, I suggest you go at least once and try out the food  and just experience Brooklyn's finest arena.


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