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Ramen Quest: Ramen-Ya

181 West 4th Street New York, NY 10014

Last month, Will and I came to Ramen-Ya with our friend Robert to have a belated birthday dinner with him. It started getting a lot chillier last month and Robert was craving for something hot and soupy and I told him about Ramen-Ya and it was on my list of restaurants to try, and  he agreed to try it as well.

There's not much special decor at Ramen-Ya. Tables and seats are limited and space is tight. I don't recommend having a group dinner here at all.

We ordered two appetizers and three bowls of ramen.

Our first appetizer was the kurobota sausage with mustard. I wasn't planning to order this for our appetizer, but our friend Robert wanted to order this. The sausage tasted just like a hot dog and was slightly charred. The sausages wasn't anything too unique

Gyoza is a must get whenever we order ramen! We ordered the pork gyoza. The pork gyoza was tasty, but the bottom part of the gyoza wasn't crunchy or …

Something yummy, Something soupy

Shanghai Cafe
100 Mott Street New York, NY 10013

It was a freezing Saturday night. Will and I were craving for something soup-like, so we decided on xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and we ended up at Shanghai Cafe, a restaurant we have been to previously, but weren't so happy with. We decided to give it another shot, because we heard from our friends that the food and service here has improved.

We arrived around 8-8:30PM and there was a line that almost stretched out the door. The waitresses have a have a habit of sitting you in a table full of strangers and this is what happened to us, but I didn't mind.

We knew exactly what we wanted and ordered our food right away.

Finally, we got a fix of soup dumplings! I can't remember the last time Will and I had soup dumplings. They were absolutely delicious! Hot, steamy, delicious broth inside, and meaty! We devoured this in minutes. This was a perfect pick for a freezing night.

Will ordered this entree. I honestly did…

All Access to Food at Barclays Center

Barclays Center
620 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Will and I recently visited the Barclays Center since we had tickets for a Nets game, but also for the food. All Access Passes for the win! This was our third time this year inside the arena.

Since we had all access passes, we were able to eat pretty much anything we wanted. We already tried a few food spots at the Barclays back in February 2013, so this time we decided to try other places.

We started off with the Lobster Monsters from WFAN Boomer & Carlton Kitchen. I asked for no cherry pop peppers, but apparently the staff didn't listen. The lobster monsters were super spicy with the cherry pop peppers. I couldn't handle the danger, so I picked out all the lobster which was really tasty!

Next, we decided to try out the cheeseburgers from Brooklyn Burger and got a side of fries and a drink with it too.

The burger was juicy and delicious. Although, I wished they asked us how would we like it cook? I don…

Weekend Brunch with Tabelog

403 East 12th Street New York, NY 10009

Last month, Will and I were invited to brunch by Erika (Marketing Director of Tabelog) at Hearth.

Tabelog is an awesome website. It's for foodies like us and by foodies It's similar to Yelp, but it's more food-centric (I made that word up) and great for bloggers to get into.

I must say Hearth is special in a few ways. First of all, the chef Marco Canora was a competitor on Season 3 of The Next Iron Chef on Food Network, so in some way that makes him kind of famous. Secondly, the food, the menu, the decor - simple and rustic.

Prior to Hearth, I decided to research on their Yelp page to check out what Yelp reviewers recommended. Our waitress was very friendly and took the time to explain to us some of their most popular dishes and how it's made.

After ordering our food, our waitress presented us three glasses of this and of course due to my bad memory, I don't remember exactly what soup this was n…

Our Thanksgiving Celebrations!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Fellow Foodies!

We hope you all ate as much as we did during Thanksgiving. This was our second year celebrating Thanksgiving with our family - my side and his side.

Luckily this year, it wasn't back to back in the same day like last year. This year we did my family's Thanksgiving on Thursday and his family's on Friday.

We didn't have time to record or write our recipes, but we did have time to take a lot of pictures.

This year was the first year my family and I had real turkey in our house and special thanks to Will and his dad for making this. Will's dad owns a restaurant in Chinatown and they do roast Turkey during Thanksgiving. Don't worry we didn't eat the turkey with the head on.

The turkey was delicious!!! It was my second time having turkey from Will's dad's restaurant. It was moist and full of deliciousness!

Yep, it looked like there was buffet in my living room. My sister and her fiance brought a tremendous amount…